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Afina Najib

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After graduating with a Master’s in Journalism from Curtin University in Australia, Afina Najib worked as a freelance writer — while frequently traveling between Australia and Malaysia. Now residing in Kuala Lumpur, Afina has written for various industries, including travel and finance, but found her passion to be in wellness and automotive. When she’s not writing, Afina enjoys going to the gym, hiking and catching up on Formula 1 races.

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Image of Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square
Visiting the Big Apple? Here are the best things to do in NYC
By Afina NajibMay 24, 2024
The Big Apple is a city that never sleeps. Here’s what’s on our top to-do list to take you from day to night.
Man standing infront of house
The best realtors use this tool to manage their finances, and you should too!
By Afina NajibMay 22, 2024
You’re in the business of managing properties, not money, so let Block Advisors take the load off you.
Mom and daughter cleaning bed
Our mattress cleaning guide will have you sleeping comfy all night long
By Afina NajibMay 21, 2024
You don’t have to wait for spills before cleaning your mattress. This guide will prove that you can do it on your own with ease.
Paris city at night
Embrace the city of love and book a stay at one of the best hotels in Paris
By Afina NajibMay 17, 2024
To explore a city as charming as Paris, you’ll have to stay in a hotel that’s just as enchanting.
Experience Southern hospitality when you stay at the best hotels in Charleston SC
By Afina NajibMay 16, 2024
This South Carolina city is the best destination for those seeking a charming stay and a cozy getaway.
Image of four types of tanning lotion including St. Tropez, Coola, Hawaiian Tropics and The Gradual
Achieve a natural sun-kissed glow with the best tanning lotions
By Afina NajibMay 14, 2024
A great self-tanning lotion can give you a bronzed look without spending too much time under the sun.
New Orleans French Quarter and Bourbon Street
Looking for a musical getaway? Find it with the best hotels in New Orleans
By Afina NajibMay 13, 2024
New Orleans hotels are rich with art and history, making your stay in the Big Easy one to remember.
Image of three types of gaming laptops
Calling all gamers: Beat your competition with the best gaming laptops
By Afina NajibMay 13, 2024
The best laptops for gaming will give you the confidence to power through any game mode without giving out.
Three friends in sunflower field
National Best Friends Day: All you need to know
By Afina NajibMay 10, 2024
Best Friends Day should be a day filled with fun, laughter and close friends you’ll cherish for a long time.
Business owner running tabs
Business owners: THIS software is what you need to improve efficiency and increase sales
By Afina NajibMay 08, 2024
Don’t just survive, thrive. Discover some business solutions that improve efficiency and boost your revenue in the process.
Image of people at outdoor barbeque and a charcoal barbeque grill
Show off your Grill Master skills with the best charcoal grills
By Afina NajibMay 08, 2024
A good charcoal grill can make the difference between a flavorful barbeque or a burnt piece of meat and we’re here to help you make the right choice.
Two woman and a man with different gym bags
Shop the best gym bags for all types of fitness enthusiasts
By Afina NajibMay 02, 2024
A reliable sports bag will hold your gym clothes, workout gear and everything you need for a good workout.
Image of four brands of dry shampoos
Want good hair day, every day? Get it with the best dry shampoos
By Afina NajibApr 23, 2024
Want fresh, clean-looking hair in between washes? A good dry shampoo will do the trick.
Image of baseball player with two baseball gloves on display
Which baseball gloves are the best? Shop 6 top models here
By Afina NajibApr 23, 2024
Whether you’re starting your first pitch or training to be the next Clayton Kershaw, these gloves will add that swing to your game.
Image of three types of power banks
Stay powered up on the go with the best portable phone charger
By Afina NajibApr 22, 2024
A portable phone charger can make the difference between having enough juice to call your loved ones and having no way to book a ride home.
Image of printed napkins and custom envelopes
Celebrate special occasions with personalized designs and gifts from VistaPrint
By Afina NajibApr 17, 2024
Want to create a meaningful memory? VistaPrint has everything you need to customize your gifts.
Image of 3 smartphones including Samsung and Pixel
The best unlocked phones to meet your every need
By Afina NajibApr 15, 2024
Looking for unlocked cell phone deals that will keep up with your busy lifestyle without being tied down to a carrier? You’ve come to the right place.
Image of wine rack, gift card and mug
11 best gifts for coworkers they will appreciate
By Afina NajibApr 12, 2024
From the office mom to the new intern, we’ve got the best office gifts for all types of employees.
Image of three types of protein shakers
The best protein shakers for post-workout fuelling
By Afina NajibApr 10, 2024
For a well-mixed, clump-free protein drink, you’ll need a reliable protein shake bottle by your side.
Image of woman in robe, succulents, bag, bathbombs and kindle
Show your love and appreciation with these 10 best Mother's Day gifts
By Afina NajibApr 08, 2024
Mom deserves some extra love on this special day with our list of suggested Mother's Day gifts.
Image of two design of shower curtains
Elevate your bathroom experience with the best shower curtains
By Afina NajibApr 05, 2024
A shower curtain liner can transform the look and feel of any bathroom while keeping it dry.
Image of two types of kids tablet in pink and blue
Educate and entertain your young ones with the best tablet for kids
By Afina NajibApr 01, 2024
Find the ideal blend of fun and learning for your child with the best tablet for kids on the market.
Man sleeping outdoor in sleeping bag
Get a good night’s sleep and stay warm outdoors with the best sleeping bags
By Afina NajibMar 27, 2024
Who says you can’t have a comfortable sleep under the stars? With these great sleeping bags, you can!
Three women wearing different types of waist trainers
The best waist trainers to accentuate your shape
By Afina NajibMar 26, 2024
Waist trainers can hide unwanted bulges and provide you with back support throughout the day.
Image of man sitting on a camp chair outdoor
Get comfortable outdoors with the best camping chairs
By Afina NajibMar 22, 2024
Whether you're camping with family, alone in nature or at a backyard barbecue with friends, you'll want the best outdoor chair that you can relax in.
Image of Apple Ultra and Samsung smartwatch
The best smartwatches for tracking fitness, messages and more
By Afina NajibMar 20, 2024
From playing music to keeping tabs on your whereabouts, a good smartwatch can give you clues about your lifestyle and enhance your daily activities.
Image of four types of retinol serums
Want youthful skin? These are the best retinol serums to use
By Afina NajibMar 13, 2024
Adding a retinol face serum to your skincare routine can have noticeable anti-aging benefits.
View of Mexico tourist attractions
The best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico for a relaxing trip
By Afina NajibMar 11, 2024
For a worry-free Mexican vacation, browse our list of all-inclusive resorts located at top spots across the country.
Image of woman with dog and two dog collars
Shop the best dog collars for big and small pooches
By Afina NajibMar 08, 2024
We’ve selected the best-rated dog collars based on comfort, features and durability.
Image of a man riding a mountain bike
Dominate unchartered terrains with the 6 best mountain bikes
By Afina NajibMar 07, 2024
Ready to conquer the trails? A good MTB bike can make the difference between a smooth ride downhill and a struggle to keep up.
Image of three types of hair dryer with accessories
The best hair dryer for the perfect blow dry
By Afina NajibMar 04, 2024
We’re sharing our list of hair dryers for all hair types so you can get straight to styling your tresses.
Image of three types of food processor
The best food processor to make cooking a whiz
By Afina NajibFeb 29, 2024
Having a good food processor can significantly cut your prep time and diversify your cooking.
Two dogs on dog beds in living room
The best dog beds that your dogs will love lying in
By Afina NajibFeb 23, 2024
Your furry best friend deserves a good quality dog mattress to sleep in, just as much as you do.
Image of three types of handheld vacuums
Make cleaning easier with these top handheld vacuums
By Afina NajibFeb 23, 2024
Want to keep those hard-to-reach corners of your house clean? A hand vac will do the trick.
Woman loading dishwasher in home kitchen
Need a new dishwasher? Check out 6 of the best models on the market
By Afina NajibFeb 22, 2024
Having a dishwasher to do all the washing up for you can save you time so you can focus on other things.
Image of three different hiking boots
Conquer the trails with the best hiking boots of 2024
By Afina NajibFeb 21, 2024
If exploring the wilderness is your calling, a pair of good hiking boots should be your new best friend.
Image of 5 men's cologne
Turn heads and smell great with the best cologne for men
By Afina NajibFeb 19, 2024
These popular men’s colognes are everything you need to complete your look and match how you feel.
Image of KitchenAid coffee maker and Smeg coffee maker
Brew fresh coffee at home with the best coffee makers
By Afina NajibFeb 15, 2024
If you can’t live without coffee, you’ll appreciate having these coffee makers at home.
Image of three types of sunscreens
Protect your skin from UV rays with these 7 best sunscreens
By Afina NajibFeb 14, 2024
A good sunscreen is essential for a day out in the sun as it can minimize the risk of skin cancer. Find one that suits you from our list.
A collage of beauty products, edibles and a journal against a pastel pink, yellow and purple grid background
5 black-owned businesses to shop in honor of Black History Month
By Afina NajibFeb 06, 2024
Support the local community with these body care, pet, stationery and baby care products from our favorite black-owned companies.
Men using polaroid camera
Capture moments instantly with the best Polaroid cameras
By Afina NajibFeb 01, 2024
Instantly print your photos and share them with your friends when you use a Polaroid camera, which is handy to have on special occasions.
Woman sleeping on Tempur pillow
Say goodbye to sleepless nights with the best pillows for neck pain
By Afina NajibFeb 01, 2024
Have you been waking up with neck pain and are looking for a solution? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best neck pain pillows to help with restful sleep.
Image of different types on knives and cutting board
Be a whiz in the kitchen with the best knife set
By Afina NajibJan 31, 2024
A good set of knives can be a game changer to your overall food prep, so get yourself one that suits your cooking style most.
Home theatre system in living room setting
The best home theater speakers for an immersive audio experience
By Afina NajibJan 30, 2024
Explore the perfect fusion of superior audio output and practicality for unparalleled sound with the best home theater speakers on the market.
Five women in evening dresses and midi dress
Look stunning and impress him in the best Valentine's Day dress
By Afina NajibJan 29, 2024
Whether you’re going for a dinner date or having a picnic by the park, these Valentine’s Day outfits won’t disappoint.
Image of VR device, Samsung monitor, Star Wars figurine and Nintendo Switch
Be a gifting pro with these top gifts for teen boys
By Afina NajibJan 26, 2024
These gifts for teen boys will surely leave them impressed and entertained.
Side by side picture of shades in bedroom and living room
7 best window blinds for shade and privacy
By Afina NajibJan 24, 2024
The right window shades can keep harmful rays at bay and give you the privacy you need at home. Shop yours today.
Image of four Nintendo Games and Nintendo Switch
The best Nintendo Switch games for all types of gamers
By Afina NajibJan 23, 2024
Dive into the thrill of gaming with our curated list of the best Nintendo Switch games this year. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newbie, we have you covered!
Image of four types of knife sharpener
The best knife sharpener every cook needs
By Afina NajibJan 22, 2024
A reliable knife sharpener will keep your blades in top condition, so you can prep your food with ease.
Image of four pairs of compression socks
The 7 best compression socks for pressure relief
By Afina NajibJan 18, 2024
The best compression socks have just the right amount of support and style, providing the perfect blend of function and fashion.
Woman wearing glasses looking at phone and laptop
The best blue light-blocking glasses to ease eye strain
By Afina NajibJan 18, 2024
If you spend a lot of time staring at a screen, great blue light glasses are just what you need to avoid tired eyes.
Image of people rolling out yoga mats
The best yoga mat for every practice
By Afina NajibJan 17, 2024
Looking for the best yoga mat to enhance your practice? We've compiled a list of top-rated yoga mats that cater to your various needs, be it hot yoga pilates or barre.
Image of waffle maker, beats earbuds, Taylor Swift vinyl and Godiva chocolate
14 best Valentine’s Day gifts your partner will love
By Afina NajibJan 16, 2024
Looking to spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day? Shop from our Valentine's gift ideas curated by our editors.
Image of Bora Bora villa, Costa Rica waterfall and Great Barrier Reef
The best honeymoon destinations for a romantic getaway
By Afina NajibJan 15, 2024
Looking for honeymoon spots to enjoy with your partner after saying, “I do?” Find the best honeymoon destinations to book your post-wedding travel.
Image of JW resort by the beach
Plan your next luxurious vacation with the best hotels in Cancun
By Afina NajibJan 12, 2024
Discover the best hotels in Cancun that offer a luxurious stay with top-notch amenities and services.
Image of man on massage chair in living room
The best massage chairs for ultimate relaxation at home
By Afina NajibJan 09, 2024
Looking to destress without leaving your home? Shop from the best massage chairs on our list and experience a pampering session like no other.
Baby playing on playmat and other toys
The best gifts for one-year-olds: Top picks for 2024
By Afina NajibJan 04, 2024
Looking for the perfect gifts for a one-year-old? We've got you covered with our top picks for this year, featuring a range of toys and items that are both fun and educational.
Image of three black space heaters
11 best space heaters for a cozy home
By Afina NajibJan 04, 2024
Looking for the best space heaters for maximum warmth and comfort? Check out our selection of heaters that strike the ideal balance between performance, safety and value.
Mom kissing baby near a white bassinet
The 11 best bassinets for a newborn’s peaceful slumber
By Afina NajibJan 02, 2024
Uncover the safest bassinet on the market with this comprehensive guide. We break down each product's features and benefits to make your decision easier.
Image of 2 running shoes
Enjoy running? Here are the best running shoes for men
By Afina NajibDec 19, 2023
Need a good pair of running shoes that will support your feet no matter the trail conditions? We’ve got you covered.
2 wiper blades on a blue car
The best wiper blades for clear vision on the road
By Afina NajibDec 18, 2023
Looking for the best windshield wipers for your vehicle? We've got you covered, Explore our list of top-quality wipers for cars for exceptional visibility on the road.
Image of candle, waffle maker, card game and wine glasses
Make an impression this Christmas with our curated best Secret Santa gifts
By Afina NajibDec 14, 2023
Want to leave a mark on your Secret Santa gift exchange? We’ve got you covered with our hand-picked list of holiday gifts.
Image of person reading Kindle
Looking for the best Kindle for reading? Here’s what to get
By Afina NajibDec 14, 2023
In this comprehensive guide, we explore and compare Kindle models to help you choose your perfect e-reader.
Image of 3 ugly Christmas sweater
Stand out in the best editor-selected ugly Christmas sweaters
By Afina NajibDec 13, 2023
Nothing brings families and friends together like a tacky Christmas sweater to make them laugh. Find one that suits you here.
Image of Fitbit, gift card, coffee maker and perfume
Surprise your dad with the best Christmas gifts from our list
By Afina NajibDec 13, 2023
We’ve curated the best presents for dads that will spark joy in them this holiday season, regardless of what their hobbies are.
Image of 3 setting powders
The best setting powder for flawless makeup
By Afina NajibDec 12, 2023
Looking for the perfect setting powder to complete your makeup routine? We've got you covered with our top picks on the market
Image of mom pushing stroller and 2 black strollers
The best strollers: Top picks for every parent
By Afina NajibDec 11, 2023
Shopping for a stroller but can’t decide on one? Browse the best strollers reviewed by our editors from top brands like Chicco, Jeep and UppaBaby.
Image of two types of wet cat food and a cat
The best wet cat food for a healthy and happy feline
By Afina NajibDec 07, 2023
A great wet food plays an important role in the health of your feline friend. Continue reading to find one your pet would love.
Image of black Logitech speakers with subwoofer
Get the best audio experience with these 8 PC speakers
By Afina NajibDec 01, 2023
Need  PC speakers to complete your desktop setup? Browse the best ones on the market from brands like Logitech, Bose and more.
Image of three TVs including Samsung and LG
Black Friday
Black Friday TV deals 2023 you don’t want to miss
By Afina NajibNov 24, 2023
Looking for great TV deals Black Friday has to offer? We’ve listed down everything from Smart TVs to HD TVs so you can elevate your movie night experience.
Image of 3 CC creams including glossier, it and elf
Get a natural and flawless look with the best CC cream
By Afina NajibNov 24, 2023
CC cream is a great substitute for foundation, especially if you want a natural look or if you don’t like to spend time on makeup. Shop yours here.
Image of sofa next to bedroom setting
Black Friday
Happening now! Discover the best Black Friday furniture deals
By Afina NajibNov 24, 2023
Ready to upgrade your home with the best Black Friday furniture deals? We’ve got you covered. Shop here for top sales on home furnishings.
black keyboard with mouse and USB
The best wireless keyboard and mouse sets for your work setup
By Afina NajibNov 23, 2023
Explore our curated list of the best wireless keyboard and mouse sets on the market, catered to a range of needs from gaming to professional use.
Grey silk pillowcases on a bed against a pastel orange background
Upgrade your sleeping routine with the best silk pillowcase
By Afina NajibNov 16, 2023
A good quality silk pillowcase can transform your entire beauty routine. Explore the top picks from our list and wake up feeling rejuvenated.
Image of 5 audible book covers
17 best Audible books for easy and intriguing listening
By Afina NajibNov 13, 2023
Dive into the world of audiobooks with our curated list of the best Audible books. No matter what your favorite genre is, we’ve got you covered.
Image of Dyson vacuum and airwrap
Need gifting ideas? These 2 Dyson products should be on your list
By Afina NajibNov 10, 2023
Dyson makes great gifts — either for your loved ones or yourself. Not only is its technology super advanced, but the line’s products are reliable and easy to use. Discover two top Dyson products here.
Image of two mens backpack
The best backpacks for men that hold everything
By Afina NajibNov 03, 2023
Commute like a pro with the best backpacks for men, and elevate your look with stylish luggage that can carry anything you need.
Image of mom in underwear holding a baby
Get the best postpartum underwear to aid with your recovery journey
By Afina NajibOct 20, 2023
Postpartum recovery is often a messy and painful journey but with the right pair of underwear, new moms will get to rest comfortably while healing.
Image of Paravel and Eagle Creek packing cube sets
The best packing cubes for keeping your travel bag neat and tidy
By Afina NajibOct 16, 2023
The key to packing like a pro is to invest in packing cubes. With the right set, your items will stay organized and in their place. Shop them here.
three double strollers in black and a bassinet
Discover the best double strollers for babies, toddlers and kids
By Afina NajibOct 13, 2023
Juggling two little ones doesn’t have to be exhausting. Invest in the right twin stroller and your family day out will be a breeze.
Image of three pregnant moms in variety of maternity leggings
Upgrade your maternity style with the best leggings for expecting moms
By Afina NajibOct 12, 2023
If you’re expecting, you’ll likely need some new clothing to accommodate your baby bump. Shop our editor-approved selection of maternity leggings here.
Image of COSRX, NYX, Estee Lauder, Loreal and Chi products
Prime Day
Snatch these Amazon Prime Day 2023 beauty deals before they’re gone
By Afina NajibOct 11, 2023
Looking for the best makeup deals on Amazon Prime Day? This list is everything you need to help you restock your beauty pantry.
Collage of 3 travel mugs against a blue background
The best travel mugs for bringing warm & cold beverages along with you
By Afina NajibOct 02, 2023
Whether you are commuting to work or traveling, having a quality coffee travel mug will elevate your journey. Choose from our expert selections.
Image of three toiletry bags in black, red and dark green
Which toiletry bags are best? We review 8 top options for travel
By Afina NajibSep 19, 2023
Tired of rummaging through your suitcase trying to find your essentials? With the right toiletry bag, it’s easy to stay organized. Shop the best here.
Image of three backpack including Honest, Baby Brezza and Keababies
The 8 best diaper backpacks for your baby essentials
By Afina NajibSep 18, 2023
Caring for a little one requires a lot of supplies. To make the process more seamless, invest in a good baby bag to tote along everything you’ll need.
Image of four home printers including Canon, Brothers, HP and Epson
The best home printers for work and assignments
By Afina NajibSep 07, 2023
Whether it’s to print photos or to help with your kid’s school project, find the right home printer that will cater to your family’s needs here.
Image of kitchen
Lowe’s Labor Day savings are here: Start shopping now!
By Afina NajibSep 01, 2023
Get the best value this season and elevate your home with new appliances, tools, outdoor living essentials and more for a Labor Day weekend to remember.
Image of three men's watches including Fossil, Tag Heuer and Citizen
Shop the best men’s watches for daily wear & special occasions
By Afina NajibAug 29, 2023
Need a new wristwatch? We’ve got you covered. Here, you can explore the best, trendy timepieces for men to shop right now.
photo of mattress in bedroom setting
Calling all side sleepers: These are the best mattresses for you
By Afina NajibAug 17, 2023
If you’re a side sleeper, it’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress to suit your sleeping style. Shop here to find your perfect match.
Image of First Response pregnancy test, Proov pregnancy test, Easy@Home test kit and Natalist test strips
The 7 best pregnancy tests for at-home use that you can trust
By Afina NajibAug 14, 2023
Finding out whether you’re pregnant can be a nerve-wracking process. Put yourself at ease with these trustworthy pregnancy tests.
Image of four sound machines for babies
Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Shop the best sound machines
By Afina NajibJul 25, 2023
Sound machines are great at calming down your infants and helping them achieve peaceful sleep. Shop here for the top sound machines on the market.
a woman shaving her legs in the bath
The best razors for women who want smooth, silky skin
By Afina NajibJul 25, 2023
Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hair when you pick from our list of top razors to cater to every woman’s unique needs.