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Elevate your bathroom experience with the best shower curtains

A shower curtain liner can transform the look and feel of any bathroom while keeping it dry.

Published Apr 05, 2024
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Image of two design of shower curtains

A shower curtain and liner do more than keep water splashes at bay when showering. Having a shower liner that pairs well with your overall bathroom decor can instantly transform your bathroom from boring to brilliant.

So how do you choose one that’s both functional and fashionable?

With our list of beautiful shower curtains, you’ll get your bathroom upgraded in no time. From Target shower curtains to a modern shower curtain option, we’ve listed the best shower curtains that will have you looking forward to your next bath time. 

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Browse great shower curtains

Silver Gray Shower Curtain with 3M Treatment
Fabric Shower Curtain
Spa Waffle 72 in. x 72 in. Silver Gray Shower Curtain with 3M Treatment
$26.45 at Home Depot
Granada Shower Curtain in blue
Luxury Shower Curtains
Granada Shower Curtain
$349 at Matouk
Orange Kiko Shower Curtain
Cotton Shower Curtain
Kiko Shower Curtain
Ga-Geetopia EVA 3D Blue Pearl Water Cube Plastic Shower Curtain Liner
Plastic Shower Curtain
Ga-Geetopia EVA 3D Blue Pearl Water Cube Plastic Shower Curtain Liner
$9.99 at Amazon
Pros & Cons
  • Water-repellant

  • OEKO-TEX-Certified free from harmful substances

  • Comes in different colors

  • Hooks, rod, and water-repellant liner not included

Featuring a white waffle weave and striped design, this shower curtain from Madison Park gives a spa-like touch to your overall bathroom feel. Made with washable polyester, it’s also treated with a temporary 3M Scotchgard that is water-repellent so your curtain lasts longer. 

The curtain comes in a standard 72 x 72 inches so it will fit most bathrooms. And if it doesn’t, you’ll be happy to know that you can still return it within 90 days of purchase.

Luxury Shower Curtains

Pros & Cons
  • Piped scallop edges

  • Made with high-quality Egyptian cotton

  • Made in USA

  • High price point

  • Specific washing guide

This high-quality Granada Shower Curtain will immediately give your bathroom a touch of luxury and transform your shower experience. With a 500-thread count of Egyptian cotton, it’s designed with Schumacher’s artisanal pomegranate print to give you a bohemian feel.

We also love the piped scallop edges that add to this curtain’s unique feature. To make it more personalized, you can even add your monogram initials when you purchase this.

Cotton Shower Curtain

Pros & Cons
  • Two color options

  • Enforced buttonholes for easy hanging

  • Machine wash-safe

  • Shower curtain hooks and liners sold separately

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with this Kiko Shower Curtain. Made with 100% organic cotton, the color-blocked geometric design pairs well with a modern designed home. The bright colors will also lift your mood every time you take a bath.

With enforced buttonholes, you have the option to use hooks or hang them directly on arod. Plus, it’s machine wash-safe, which makes laundry day easier.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to wipe clean

  • Weighted magnet hem to keep water in

  • Rust-proof grommets for easy hanging

  • Variety of sizes and colors available

  • Material may stick to your body when showering

Not only will this waterproof shower curtain add color to your bathroom but it will also keep your bathroom dry and clean. Lightweight but strong, you never have to worry about being too rough — especially if you have toddlers around. 

For added security, it’s designed with a weighted magnet hem that sticks to the tub to avoid it getting in your way and water splashing out while you are showering. It also comes with rust-proof metal grommets for easy hanging.

Sun Shower Curtain

Pros & Cons
  • Brass grommets for easy hanging

  • Doesn’t stick to skin

  • Can be used as a liner

  • Extreme heat can melt the EVA

We love the bright, solid colors on this Sun Shower Lido Pop, especially because it’s designed to mimic the colors of a sunrise — the perfect way to start your morning. With 100% brass grommets and rounded corners, the Sun Showers can be used on their own or as a liner with any canvas curtains. 

For a more enjoyable shower experience, it’s also coated with a 12 gauge EVA so the material won’t stick to you in the shower. Plus, it’s free of chlorine, PVC and BPA.

Abstract shower curtain

Pros & Cons
  • Plenty of designs to choose from

  • Wrinkle-free

  • Odorless

  • Non-fade

  • Tassels get wet easily

Looking for unique curtain features that will reflect your personality? Get this Boho Mid Century Black and White Shower Curtain Set. With plenty of designs to choose from, this waterproof and wrinkle-free curtain will transform your bathroom to create a more artistic space.

To add to the charm, it’s also designed with black tassels at the bottom. It even comes with 12 metal grommet holes and 12 hooks. This curtain can be hand-washed or thrown in the washing machine to make cleaning easy.

Hookless shower curtain

Black EVIDECO Hookless Shower Curtain
Photo: Houzz
Pros & Cons
  • Extra long length for special shower heights

  • Affordable price

  • Plenty of color options

  • Requires cold wash setting on washing machine

Can’t be bothered with hooks? This EVIDECO Hookless Shower Curtain is the design for you. The color-matching rings integrated with the curtain make it easy to hang but also prevent residue build-up on hook notches.

Made of premium polyester, this waterproof curtain comes in several color options to match your bathroom interior. We also love that it comes with free shipping!

Linen shower curtain

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to install

  • Machine wash-friendly

  • Buttons can go missing

  • Liner sold separately

Simple yet elegant, this Home Boutique Linen Button Shower Curtain will add a rustic charm to your bathroom. With a standard size of 72 by 72 inches, installing it has never been easier, thanks to its button holes at the top that give you the option of hanging with the best shower curtain hooks or inserting rings. 

We also love the coconut husk buttons that separate the black and white fabric as they add more texture to the curtain. Look no further if you’re looking for the best shower curtains to add personality to your bathroom.

What shower curtains don't get moldy?

While there are plenty of fabric options that won’t get moldy, the best material that prevents mold is the EVA vinyl. This waterproof material is a natural water repellent and it’s resistant to mold and mildew.

That said, there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent mold like not leaving your shower curtain bunched up and cleaning them often.

What is the best material for shower curtains?

When looking for the best shower curtains, you’ll want a material that is durable, lightweight and ideally water-repellant. Polyester, which is known for its durable and water-resistant nature is a popular choice for shower curtains while EVA vinyl is great for its ease of cleaning. 

Which of the best shower curtains gets our vote?

All of the shower curtains on our list have unique features that entitle them to a spot on our list. However, if we had to play favorites, these two make the cut:

  • Kiko Shower Curtain: There’s something about its modern design and bright colors that makes you feel like you’re about to have a good day after your shower. Plus, we love that it’s really easy to wash.

  • Boho Mid Century Black and White Shower Curtain Set: With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you can’t look away from this shower curtain set. Pair it with the best shower curtain rod and you’re good to go!

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