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Business owners: THIS software is what you need to improve efficiency and increase sales

Don’t just survive, thrive. Discover some business solutions that improve efficiency and boost your revenue in the process.

Updated May 08, 2024
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As a proud and responsible business owner, you’ve done all you can to start on the right foot. You’ve put in the hours, hired the right people and focused on providing the best for your customers — and yet, the numbers don’t show it. So, how do you turn it around?

Imagine having a powerful tool that does all the hard work for you so that you can focus on expanding your business. A system that tracks orders, takes payments 24-7 and keeps track of your customers’ behaviors so you can understand them better. 

Ready to step up your game?

Are you facing these snags in your business?

Before you invest in business tools, you’ll need to figure out the areas that can be improved. Have you ever missed out on a potential customer because you can’t find the items in stock? Or you haven’t been able to take payments because systems have been down? Have you ever double-booked a customer appointment? What about times when you were short-staffed and had to make the tough decision between entertaining customers or staying back late to do inventory? 

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, integrating smart business tools into your daily working tasks may be the answer you’re looking for.

Imagine enhancing customer experiences and building deeper data that indirectly helps you build better customer relationships. What about simplifying order tracking or booking appointments or streamlining complicated tasks such as invoicing or creating content for your social media accounts.

Here’s where Square comes in. It’s the best step to create a solution that is unique to your business and the goals you have in mind.

3 ways Square can help you

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Did we pique your interest yet? If you’re ready to integrate smart solutions into your business, here’s how Square can help you achieve your goals:

Diversify revenue

Using Square’s inventory management systems and advanced reporting capabilities, you can easily integrate orders, items, and inventory from your POS to your website — indirectly opening up more revenue streams.

Manage cash flow

With Square Checking, you can access your money as you earn, automatically set aside a percentage of every sale for taxes or emergencies and get loan offers based on your card sales through Square.

Reach your customers

Square will give you centralized customer data and insights, which you can use to engage customers and increase their loyalty.  There are plenty of other ways Square can help with managing your business, too. And yes, they can tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.

How much will it cost you?

We understand that not everyone has a big budget, especially when you’ve poured all your earnings into growing your business. 

The great news is, Square has different plans to suit every stage of your business!

What we love most about Square’s plans is that you only need to commit monthly once you’re confident with the results it brings to your business. 

If you’re still weighing your options, Square offers a free plan that lets you pay only when you take a payment, with no set-up fees or monthly fees.

Ready to take things to the next level? We recommend the Plus Plan. At just $29+ a month, you’ll get advanced features designed specifically for your business. You can even upgrade or cancel anytime you want. 

What if you’re ready to take the plunge? Square’s Premium Plan works for you if you have specific ideas on how you want AI to help in growing your business and you don’t mind investing so long as you reach your goal.

Ready to power up your business?

Running your own business is always challenging. And it can be frustrating when you’re not getting the results you want. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You own a restaurant, retail or beauty business

  • You’re looking for a more productive way to manage your business operations

  • You want to understand and reach your customers better, or

  • You’re looking for more ways to grow your business without investing too much

Square is for you. Start integrating Square into your business today!

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