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Calling all new moms and mothers-to-be! This is your one-stop shop for taking care of you and your little one. Whether you need a top-of-the-line breast pump, postpartum underwear, comfy maternity leggings, belly oil or otherwise, these editor-approved selections are sure to make your motherhood journey easier and more enjoyable.

5 gifts for new moms in a collage with a pastel pink and mint green background
12 gifts for new moms that are thoughtful and useful
By Sherelyn GohDec 08, 2023
The best gifts for new moms can be useful, supportive and relief stress. Find the ideal one for the new mom in your life here.
Image of mom in underwear holding a baby
Get the best postpartum underwear to aid with your recovery journey
By Afina NajibOct 20, 2023
Postpartum recovery is often a messy and painful journey but with the right pair of underwear, new moms will get to rest comfortably while healing.
Image of three pregnant moms in variety of maternity leggings
Upgrade your maternity style with the best leggings for expecting moms
By Afina NajibOct 12, 2023
If you’re expecting, you’ll likely need some new clothing to accommodate your baby bump. Shop our editor-approved selection of maternity leggings here.
Image of Burt's Bees, Hatch, Weleda, Pipette and Motherlove belly oil
Discover the best belly oils for pregnancy to reduce stretch marks
By Odinga FanuelOct 05, 2023
Pregnancy comes with a host of skin changes such as stretch marks and dryness, but there are belly oils you can use to protect your skin. You just need to find the best one!
Three women modeling maternity jeans against a pink background
The best maternity jeans: Shop editor-approved picks for stylish mamas
By Emma KalkaSep 26, 2023
Is that baby bump starting to show? It’s time to shop the best maternity jeans, and here are pairs that are equal parts fashionable and functional.
A collage of five pregnancy books
8 best pregnancy books to read before your baby arrives
By Jada BowmanSep 13, 2023
Pregnancy is a remarkable journey all on its own. Explore books that will help you navigate pregnancy and prepare for your precious newborn's arrival.
Image of First Response pregnancy test, Proov pregnancy test, Easy@Home test kit and Natalist test strips
The 7 best pregnancy tests for at-home use that you can trust
By Afina NajibAug 14, 2023
Finding out whether you’re pregnant can be a nerve-wracking process. Put yourself at ease with these trustworthy pregnancy tests.