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Stand out in the best editor-selected ugly Christmas sweaters

Nothing brings families and friends together like a tacky Christmas sweater to make them laugh. Find one that suits you here.

Published Dec 13, 2023
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Image of 3 ugly Christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been a tradition adopted by many families and even organizations as a way to lighten up an otherwise hectic holiday season. It’s also a great way to bring people together. 

Whether it’s a celebration at the office or a sweater party organized by a family member, searching for the funniest and most creative Christmas sweater is an activity that many enjoy.

That being said, we know that the preparation for Christmas can consume most of your time so to help you shine this festive season, we’ve curated a list of ugly Christmas sweaters for every age and personality.

From men's ugly Christmas sweaters to funny Christmas sweaters women would love, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find your favorite sweater.

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Men playing drinking game wearing christmas sweater
Men’s Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater
$39.95 at Tipsy Elves
Sweater with Kevin's mom screaming
Shark & Hammer Kevin's Mom Screaming Kevin! Ugly Christmas Sweater
$29.99 at Amazon
Red sweater with game console and santa hat
I Paused My Game to Be Here Video Gamer Ugly Christmas Youth Kids Sweatshirt
From $29.99 at Amazon
Red sweater with stuffed Koala design
Printed Sweatshirt
$24.99 at H&M
Men playing drinking game wearing christmas sweater
Photo: Tipsy Elves

If you love being the center of attention, then this is the sweater for you. With six velcro balls to shoot at, this sweater will have you surrounded by friends and family who love to play drinking games. Worried about the rules? The back of this sweater has that covered.

Plus, because it’s made with anti-itch fabric, it’ll be an ugly Christmas sweater men and women love. Thank us later!

An homage to the classic Christmas movie “Home Alone”, this is a cool sweater to wear to any ugly sweater Christmas party. Designed to highlight a notable scene in the movie where Kevin's (the main character) mother screams his name, this sweater will make you the talk of the party.

And because it’s a classic, you can keep wearing this for the next Christmas party, and the next.

We’re not forgetting about the kids. This red sweater with a game console and a Santa hat is a festive and fun Christmas top for the young ones, especially if they love video games. Available in sizes S to XL, this sweater is machine washable and comfortable enough to wear for the entire day.

Pro care tip: Tumble dry on medium heat to avoid shrinking.

Everyone knows that Christmas is about stuffing your face with all the delicious home-cooked meals and desserts. The best way to honor that is by wearing this sweater from H&M that says “Seasonally stuffed”. 

We love that it’s available in sizes XXS to XXL so you can eat all the food you want and still have space to spare in this sweater.

This funny ugly sweater is designed for all the dog lovers out there. It features a dachshund wearing reindeer horns and the tagline, “Daschund to the snow”,  a play on words to the famous lyrics of “Jingle Bells”. 

Not only is this sweater available in a wide range of sizes but you can even customize the number of Daschunds that appear on your sweater!

This Grinch ugly sweater makes the perfect festive wear for the young ones. Available in sizes XS to 2XL, it’s a simple but unique concept that stands out from the typical sweaters with Christmas tree and ornament designs. 

This crew neck sweater is also designed using midweight fabric to ensure ultimate comfort throughout the entire day, no matter how active the wearer.

Green Santa Sweater
Photo: Walmart

Designed based on Ludacris’ song “Area Code”, this sweater is perfect for an adult ugly Christmas sweater party. We love that it’s available in three color options and it’s available from sizes XS to 5XL. 

Because of its wide range of options, you can get it in different variations to match your friends and families during your Christmas vacation. Just saying, it’ll look good in your Instagram photos.

Woman wearing sweater with light up Christmas tree
Photo: Tipsy Elves

Out of all the Christmas sweaters for women, this one is our favorite for obvious reasons. Not only does it have all the holiday classics like candy cane sleeves and a Christmas tree, but it also lights up! 

With this sweater, you will be getting lit (pun intended) at all the holiday parties this Christmas!

Looking for a simple women’s Christmas sweater this season? This minimal one from Target will do the trick. Available in three colors, nothing screams “ugly Christmas sweater” like this crew neck one with the tagline, “This is my ugly Christmas Sweater”. 

Because of its simple design, it’s easy to pair with jeans, something fancier like a dress or over a huge blouse.

Feeling extra creative? Get this custom ugly Christmas sweater. Available in more than 10 style choices, you’ll have the option to create your own funny Christmas tagline to add to your sweater.

This way, you can be sure that your sweater will stand out from the crowd, no matter where you go.

The best part? It ships in 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about it not arriving in time.

The best ugly Christmas sweaters 2023 voted by us

We take pride in our options of funny Christmas sweaters for adults and children. However, if we had to narrow it down to our top picks, these two would be on the list:

Ready for the holiday cheers? Add your favorite ugly Christmas sweater to the cart and you’ll be all set!

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