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The best wet cat food for a healthy and happy feline

A great wet food plays an important role in the health of your feline friend. Continue reading to find one your pet would love.

Published Dec 07, 2023
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Image of two types of wet cat food and a cat

Are you a pet parent seeking the best kitten food or the best cat food for indoor cats? Look no further.

This article plunges deep into the world of wet cat foods, exploring the best canned cat food from brands, like FancyFeas, IAMS and Purinat. 

Keep reading to discover your cat's next favorite meal!

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Wet cat food guide

Sheba Wet Cat Food in Gravy Variety Pack in a black box
Sheba Wet Cat Food in Gravy Variety Pack
$13.98 at Walmart
large blue box of Blue Buffalo Wet Cat Food Variety Pack
Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Tuna, Chicken & Fish and Shrimp Flaked Wet Cat Food Variety Pack
$14.48 at Walmart
IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Adult Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pate Variety Pack in orange box
IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Adult Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pate Variety Pack
$15.99 at Target
Purina Fancy Feast Classic Adult Variety Pack in a white box with a picture of a white cat
Purina Fancy Feast Classic Adult Variety Pack
$33.77 at Walmart

Find the best wet cat foods

Pros & Cons
  • Great for cats with sensitive digestion

  • Individual serving tray

  • Reports of damaged packaging

Dive into the world of decadence with Sheba wet cat food, a gourmet culinary delight tailored for your feline friends. This variety pack includes 12 2.6 oz trays, providing 24 servings total of gourmet salmon entree and sustainable tuna.

Sheba doesn't compromise health for taste. This part of their "Perfect Portions" line is grain free, corn free, and wheat-free, making it an excellent choice for felines with sensitive digestion. Also, this wet cat food has been made without any artificial flavors and preservatives, ensuring that your cat only gets what's entirely natural and beneficial.

Sustainability is a star point of this product - the Sheba brand proudly uses only sustainably sourced fish in their recipes. Zero messy leftovers are guaranteed because of the individual trays. Serving is a snap, literally! Just snap, peel, and serve to provide your feline companion an excellent meal, rich with flavor and packed with nutrition.

Pros & Cons
  • Helps with hydration

  • High-protein ingredients

  • Smell might be too strong for some

Looking for a wet cat food that offers variety and top-tier ingredients? Look no further than the Blue Buffalo Tastefuls variety pack.

This 12-pack features three different flavors tuna, chicken, fish, and shrimp — each one with tender flakes of high-quality protein as the first ingredient.

Each can is also filled with nutritious ingredients like brown rice and sweet potatoes, all in a savory gravy that cats love. Even finicky eaters won't be able to resist! Plus, it's enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your cat's overall health. The high moisture content in this wet food helps your cat stay hydrated, which is an added bonus for those felines who aren't big drinkers.

Pros & Cons
  • Suits all ages

  • Contains Vitamin E

  • Reports of moldy food

The IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS healthy adult grain-free wet cat food pate variety pack is a vet-recommended solution that's tailored to cater to your feline friend's unique dietary needs. Each pack contains twelve easy-peel twin-pack trays, comprising both chicken and tuna recipes, providing a variety of tastes your cat will love.

What sets this product apart is its commitment to quality, featuring the world's finest ingredients, with no fillers and devoid of artificial preservatives. Each meal is grain-free and offers comprehensive and balanced nutrition for your cat at any life stage, from playful kitten to mature mouser.

Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, it bolsters your cat's immune system, promoting a lifetime of health and fun. Additionally, the balanced minerals sustain a healthy heart, taurine supports healthy vision, and omega fatty acids nourish the skin and coat.

Pros & Cons
  • Packaged in USA

  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals

  • Only seafood flavors available

Fancy Feast classic adult variety pack is perfect for cats that love seafood. This 30-pack assortment is crafted with real fish and seafood, delivering a banquet of tastes that will make your cat's taste buds dance. The smooth pate texture is easy on the palate, making mealtime a gourmet experience.

Each can in this collection offers a unique flavor profile – from whitefish to shrimp, tuna to sole, salmon to cod, your cat gets to savor a variety of seafood tastes. The grain-free formula is great for cats with dietary restrictions or those simply aiming for a healthier diet.

Every serving provides essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring a 100% complete and balanced meal for your adult cat. And with all ingredients sourced and packaged in the USA, you can rest easy knowing your cat's meal is of high quality.

Pros & Cons
  • Variety of food consistency

  • Promotes muscle growth

  • Reports of damaged cans

This 32-can variety pack from Purina offers a rotation of rich, savory chicken, turkey, and cheese flavors, delivering high-quality protein to support strong muscles and an active lifestyle for your adult cat.

With its three different textures—prime filets, savory shreds, and meaty bits—it caters to all your pet's preferences, giving them a range of consistencies to enjoy. This 100% balanced nutrition meal ensures your cat is getting all the nutrients they need for their overall maintenance.

Whether you're alternating between flavors or mixing things up in one meal, Purina Friskies provides a culinary adventure for your cat at every feeding. This product doesn't just keep your pet healthy but also ensures mealtime is an exciting part of their day.

Pros & Cons
  • Made with real pasture-raised beef

  • Free from preservatives

  • Affordable price

  • Some cats may not enjoy it

Kindfull’s Wet Cat Food is a top-tier choice for your feline friend. This pack offers two flavors, namely chicken and beef, which provides your cat with the proteins it needs.

This wet food is carrageenan-free and doesn't contain any by-product meals, wheat, corn, or soy, making it an excellent choice for cats with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions. Plus, it's void of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Pros & Cons
  • Loaded with EPA and DHA omages

  • Keeps your cat hydrated

  • Only available in chicken and turkey flavor

This 100% grain-free cat food recipe is packed with wholesome chicken and turkey, making it a high-protein diet that supports lean muscles. It's a great choice for active cats who love to play and explore.

Loaded with antioxidant-rich cranberries along with vitamins, balanced minerals, EPA and DHA omegas and essential taurine, these ingredients support your cat's immunity and overall well-being.

Cats will adore the delicious flavor and smooth paté texture, perfect as a meal on its own or poured over kibble as a tasty meal topper. Additionally, this formula helps keep your cat hydrated and supports urinary health with healthy moisture from real broth in every can.

Made in North America with the world’s finest ingredients, this canned cat food excludes any grains, carrageenan, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Pros & Cons
  • Supports urinary health

  • Made with real meat

  • Contains grain

Friskies Classic Pate is specially formulated with real meat such as chicken, turkey, and tuna, to provide the high-protein nutrition every little carnivore craves.

The pate is served in a tasty sauce that cats simply can't resist. The moisture from the real broth is an added benefit, supporting urinary health and keeping your cat hydrated.

This is a balanced meal on its own, but it can also serve as a delightful kibble topper to add variety to your pet's diet.

Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Adult Wet Cat Food in black and orange packet
Photo: PetSmart
Pros & Cons
  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • No artificial colors and preservatives

  • Only available in one texture

The Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials wet cat food certainly lives up to its name, offering complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Made with either real chicken or turkey, it provides high-quality protein that helps maintain your feline friend's muscle health.

The antioxidants included support a healthy immune system, while linoleic acid and vitamin A are added to help nourish your cat's skin and coat, keeping them in their prime condition. As an extra health boost, this wet cat food includes vitamin A and taurine which are known to support healthy vision.

No artificial colors or preservatives are used in Purina’s formula, making for a pure, wholesome feast for your cat.

Is wet food better for cats with urinary issues?

Yes, wet cat food is often recommended for cats with urinary issues. Wet food contains a high moisture content, which promotes hydration and helps maintain a healthy urinary tract. However, it's essential to consult with a vet to ensure the food meets all your cat’s specific dietary needs.

What is the best wet cat food on the market?

The best wet cat food varies depending on your cat's specific dietary needs, age, and personal preferences.  Our top three contenders are SHEBA Wet Cat Food Cuts in Gravy, Blue Buffalo Tastefuls and IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Adult Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pate.

These brands offer high protein wet cat food, no artificial flavors or preservatives and delicious taste profiles that cats love.

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