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The best razors for women who want smooth, silky skin

Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hair when you pick from our list of top razors to cater to every woman’s unique needs.

Published Jul 25, 2023
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Tired of shaving and getting a so-so result? That stops here. If you want to avoid skin irritation, razor cuts and ingrown hairs, choosing the right razor is a good place to start. And it’ll ensure you can get a close shave, too. 

A high-quality razor can ensure a clean shave without having to deal with unwanted problems from a bad shave.

There are plenty of razors on the market and finding one that is catered to a woman’s specific needs can prove to be more irritating than dealing with razor bumps. To help, our editors rounded up the five best razors so you can get straight to pampering your skin.

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Browse our top choices for women’s razors

Billie Women’s Razor Kit in purple packaging
Our top razor pick overall
Billie Women’s Razor Kit
$9.97 at Walmart
Gillette Venus pink razor in pink packaging with spare razor head
Best for underarms
Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea
$9.97 at Walmart
 Schick Hydro Silk 5-Blade Sensitive Care Women's Disposable Razors
Best for legs
Schick Hydro Silk 5-Blade Sensitive Care Women's Disposable Razors
$11.28 at Walmart
Schick Intuition First Time Shavers Gift Pack
Top choice for beginners
Schick Intuition First Time Shavers Gift Pack
$21.99 at Schick

Our top razor pick overall

Pros & Cons
  • Dermatologist-approved for all skin types

  • Affordable

  • Comes with two refill blades

  • Some reports of the flimsy handle

  • Some reports of magnets falling from handle

Billie is dubbed “The Internet’s Favorite Razor” and with its features, it’s easy to see why. This award-winning product has five sharp nickel-free blades surrounded by 360º aloe vera soap that immediately soothes your skin after a clean shave.

Its ergonomic and non-slip handle ensures easy handling when you’re shaving hard-to-reach areas and once you’re done, you can easily stick the razor to your shower wall, thanks to its magnetic handle.

Worried about it working on sensitive skin? You’ll be happy to know that this razor is dermatologist-approved to suit all skin types. We also love that it’s glow-in-the-dark – just to add joy to your shaving routine.

Best for underarms

Pros & Cons
  • White tea-scented

  • Rust-free blades

  • Adaptive pivoting design for hard-to-reach areas

  • Not as effective for dry use

  • Gel glide bars can be sticky

It’s no secret that Gillette is a top player in the shaving game and it’s even better that they’ve dedicated the Venus brand to female razors. This one’s specifically fixed with white tea-scented gel bars that get released when wet, leaving your skin smelling nice. You’ll get the closest shave possible, making it perfect for underarms and bikini lines.

This razor also features an adaptive pivoting design that seamlessly adjusts to your body contours, ensuring a smooth, silky feeling every time. Plus, its ergonomic handle is made of 30% recycled plastic – what’s better than helping out the environment while getting the shaving result you want?

In case you’re worried about the blades getting rusty, you should know that the blades are designed to be rust-free so they’re safe to sit on your sink or next to your shower. 

Pros & Cons
  • Serum leaves skin moisturized

  • Paraben free

  • Blades are not replaceable

If there’s one area that we hate having razor bumps, that would be the legs. Thanks to the Schick Hydro Silk 5-Blade, razor bumps are a problem of the past. Its five-curve sensing blades are equipped to give you the closest shave possible so you can confidently flaunt your favorite mini dress. 

We also love its Hydra-Boost serum that’s activated when wet, moisturizing your skin for up to two hours after shaving and helping reduce irritation. Not only that, it’s also formulated with green tea and chamomile to keep your skin smelling fresh.

With all these features combined, this is definitely our top disposable razor pick for legs.

Top choice for beginners

Pros & Cons
  • Pivoting head reduces cuts

  • Built-in moisturizer bar

  • Comes with four blade cartridges option

  • High price point

  • Doesn’t come with directions

Shaving can be a daunting task if you’re just starting out but this Schick Intuition First Time Shavers Gift Pack makes it easier for those new to the razor game. The shaver is designed with a pivoting head that helps reduce the possibility of razor cuts, making it safer to use. 

The ergonomic handle has a soft rubber grip so it's easy to control if you’re still learning to shave. Also, it has a built-in moisturizer bar that lathers and moisturizes during shaving so there’s no need to worry about getting shaving cream to help with the task.

The gift pack comes with one razor handle and four different blade cartridges, offering different after-shave care. With all these features in mind, it’s definitely the best option for beginners.

Pros & Cons
  • Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin

  • Comes with 2 blades refill

  • May not be suitable for the pubic area

Those with sensitive skin can rejoice with this Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Women's Razor Handle. Its dermatologist tested to work safely even on sensitive skin and its SkinElixir Lubrastrip with aloe vera helps prevent razor burns and soothes irritated skin. 

We also love that you can replace the blades with refills that can easily be purchased in stores. Additionally, the metal handle is guaranteed to last up to five years even when you put it in damp areas like the shower.

Did we also mention that it has five blades with a diamond-like coating for a smoother glide throughout? It’s why the Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive is the best shaver for women with sensitive skin.

Our top choices for women’s razors

All the options we’ve listed above will give you a great shave and they’re easily available in store. If you still need us to narrow it down for you, here are our top two options.

  • Billie Women’s Razor Kit: We love that it’s dermatologist tested to suit all skin types. It comes with two blade refills and a glow-in-the-dark magnetic handle at an affordable price. It’s easily the best choice for women’s shavers.

  • Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea: With rust-free blades and white tea-scented gel bars at a very affordable price, it’s easy to see why this is our top choice. Also, the handle is made of 30% recycled plastic, making it environmentally friendly.

Prices updated on 07/25/2023. We are not responsible for any changes to the prices mentioned above.

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