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National Best Friends Day: All you need to know

Best Friends Day should be a day filled with fun, laughter and close friends you’ll cherish for a long time.

Published May 10, 2024
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Three friends in sunflower field
Photo: Unsplash / Antonino Visalli

National Best Friends Day or National BSF Day as some would call it, is an occasion dedicated to honoring the bonds of friendship and loved ones in our lives. It’s a reminder to express gratitude for the close friends who stand by us through thick and thin and play a major role in our achievements.

From planning a cozy gathering with your inner circle to organizing a virtual hangout for friends who are far away, there are countless ways to mark this BFF national day. While some choose to show love through social media posts, you can also plan a day out with friends to commemorate the day.

So, whether it's a spontaneous adventure or a simple gesture of kindness, National Best Friends Day reminds us to appreciate our friends, and we’re here to help you make it an unforgettable day. 

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When is National Best Friends’ Day?

National Best Friend Day in the United States is celebrated on the 8th of June every year. While it is not a national holiday, some people have activities planned out with their close group of friends and some businesses even host special events to celebrate the day. 

How to celebrate National Best Friend Day

There’s no real guide on celebrating the day the right way. However, here are some ways you can celebrate National Besties Day: 

Movie nights

Outdoor movie night
Photo: Pexels / Efecan Efe

Whether it’s a trip to the movies or a night-in to watch your all-time favorite, movie nights allow you to reminisce about the good times in a cozy environment. This Besties Day, why not host a movie sleepover with your inner circle? 

You can start the night with a home-cooked dinner and have all your best mates cuddled up in your living room or your backyard to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Need ideas on how to host one?

Here are some products that might help:

A friendly match

It’s always healthy to have some friendly competition amongst your tight-knit group. On this special day, why not make it fun to compete with each other? 

Baseball game
Photo: Pexels / Styves Exantus

For those who are into sports, spend the day playing baseball or basketball. Prefer the indoors? Challenge your friend to an online game or rewind time and enjoy an evening of board games.

Need some help figuring out what to prepare?

These products might spark some ideas:

CATAN Board Game
Photo: Amazon

CATAN Board Game

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Bottomless brunch

If you haven’t had the time to catch up, why not take this opportunity to share stories over drinks and good food? Plenty of restaurants and hotels offer bottomless brunch to enjoy with your loved ones.

If you want a more intimate setting, you can even host your own bottomless brunch at home. Whether you’re planning on a backyard barbeque or serving a full-course meal with homemade prosecco, it’s always a good idea to catch up with friends over drinks.

Planning on a boozy weekend?

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Celebrate friendship with these gifts

National Friendship Day is all about showing appreciation and nothing says it better than a heartfelt gift. If you’re thinking about getting them something meaningful, you’re in luck!

We’ve highlighted our top gift picks that your friends will appreciate.

Top friendship gifts

For the trio that’s never been separated, this Best Friends Hibiscus Heart Pendant Necklace is a great gift to celebrate National BFF Day with. This three-pack set has breakapart heart pendants with hibiscus details so you can keep one part and gift the two to your day-ones.

If you’re lucky to have close friendships that make you laugh, you’ll want to get them this Cartba Bestie Co. T-shirt. This hilarious t-shirt features a cactus wearing a sombrero with the words, “Nacho average bestie” scribbled on it. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to get your buddies this t-shirt so you can wear matching t’s for your next vacation together? 

We’ve all played the role of a therapist to our friends in need so why not show them how much it meant to have them as your shoulder to cry on with this LUCOTIYA Scented Candle? 

With the words, “Thank you for being my unpaid therapists” printed on the jar, this candle is infused with clove essential oil, which can help soothe your mood, perfect for a day of relaxing.

Want something more personalized? Get them this Custom Best Friends Eggshell Cup Gift. Design cartoon character images for you and your friends and customize your name on this double-wall vacuum-insulated mug.

The next time they take a sip of hot coffee or wind down with their favorite wine, they’ll definitely think of you!

Some best friends are four-legged and fluffy — and we’re not singling them out! For your fluffy best friends, gift them this Best Friends by Sheri Bundle so that they can lie in comfort next to you.

This set features a matching donut cat and dog bed and throw to make their relaxing time more comfortable.

Two friends laughing
Photo: Pexel / Ron Lach

We’ve shared creative ways to show how much your friendship with your ride or dies meant to you but always remember that sometimes, the best gift is just a simple text or call to let them know you care.


Happy National Best Friend Day!

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