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Whether you want to decorate your bedroom or find top sleeping products, our editors provide top reviews and recommendations to help guide your purchasing decisions. In doing so, we research well-known and upcoming home brands to find top bedding, decor and bedroom furniture. Additionally, we provide tips, tricks and products for relaxing peacefully and getting a better night’s sleep. This is your one-stop shop for bedroom must-haves.

Backdrop Color of the Year in yellow orange and Sherwin-Williams Infinity Semi-gloss Ultra White Tintable Latex Interior Paint + Primer
From drab to fab: Upgrade your home with the best paint for walls
By Lauren PascalMay 03, 2024
Calling all homeowners! Here are the best paints for interior walls to spruce up your home.
gold metallic round checkers wallpaper, green velvet armchair, bookcase, table and a bottle of drink
Quiet luxury: Elevate your space with Spoonflower’s range of wallpapers
By Lauren PascalApr 30, 2024
DIYers, designers, renters and homeowners can always find the perfect print for any project or space with Spoonflower.
mattress topper on beige background
Your guide to the best mattress toppers for getting better sleep
By Elizabeth WallaceApr 23, 2024
Investing in the right mattress topper can transform poor sleep. To experience this for yourself, shop our roundup of the best mattress toppers.
a picture of the wave mattress from Casper next to a model sleeping on a pillow
Get up to 30% off mattresses and more with Casper's President's Day sale!
By Lauren PascalFeb 12, 2024
Thanks to Casper’s final sale, snoozing has never looked so good!
Woman sleeping on Tempur pillow
Say goodbye to sleepless nights with the best pillows for neck pain
By Afina NajibFeb 01, 2024
Have you been waking up with neck pain and are looking for a solution? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best neck pain pillows to help with restful sleep.
two of the best mattress protectors from Naturepedic and Saatva
These are the 7 best mattress protectors for spills, dust and allergens
By Lauren PascalJan 10, 2024
Protect your mattress and sleep soundly with the best mattress protectors by your side
a large white down pillow from Saatva
Shop the 7 best down pillows for support, comfort and quality sleep
By Lauren PascalJan 02, 2024
A comfortable night's sleep begins with the right down pillow. These are the best of the bunch.
air mattress in room setting
8 best air mattresses for a restful night's sleep
By Sherelyn GohDec 15, 2023
From economical picks to luxurious options, we've got the best air mattresses for guests and everyday use that will suit your needs.
Image of fitted bedsheet in white and pink
8 best sheets for hot sleepers for a comfortably cool sleep
By Sherelyn GohNov 24, 2023
Do you often wake up feeling hot and sweaty? Cool down with the best bedsheets for hot sleepers,  reviewed by our editors.
Grey silk pillowcases on a bed against a pastel orange background
Upgrade your sleeping routine with the best silk pillowcase
By Afina NajibNov 16, 2023
A good quality silk pillowcase can transform your entire beauty routine. Explore the top picks from our list and wake up feeling rejuvenated.
Image of two types of bedding set in different settings
Need new bedding? These are the 7 best sets to shop now
By Eric ListonOct 26, 2023
The best bedding blends both style and comfort. Check out our picks to see how you can upgrade your home, and get a good night of sleep, too!
Black flannel sheet in bedroom setting
7 best flannel sheets for a warm, cozy and comfy night’s sleep
By Eric ListonOct 18, 2023
The best flannel sheets are an essential bedding item for keeping cozy during colder months. Here, we have a selection of soft, snuggly options.
Image of cooling pillows stacked on each other
The 6 best cooling pillows to help you avoid overheating at night
By Sherelyn GohSep 27, 2023
With the right cooling pillow, you can finally get restful sleep — without waking up sweaty. Discover the very best models by shopping here.
Image of Lull mattress
Give your body the rest it deserves with the best memory foam mattress
By Emma KalkaSep 08, 2023
Tired of back pain and sweaty nights? Find the best memory foam mattress for your budget to hit all the right pressure points.
photo of mattress in bedroom setting
Calling all side sleepers: These are the best mattresses for you
By Afina NajibAug 17, 2023
If you’re a side sleeper, it’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress to suit your sleeping style. Shop here to find your perfect match.
three of the best night lights including Hatch, Philips and Pillowfort
The 7 best night lights for kids, adults & everyone in between
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Today’s night lights do more than just help you get around in the dark. The best night lights can help your whole family get more restful sleep, too!
three alarm clocks from Sharp, Ikea and Philips
Shop the best alarm clocks to improve your morning routine
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
The best way to start your day is to wake up early, and a good alarm clock makes this easy, every day without fail.
three pillows from Wayfair, Allswell and Pillow Cube
The 6 best pillows for side sleepers of 2023
By Judith HalishJul 25, 2023
If you’re a side sleeper and feel stiff or sore when you wake up, it may be time to get a new pillow. Here, we review the best pillows for side sleepers.
a bed with multiple pillows and cushions
Shopping for a memory foam pillow? These 7 are the best
By Elizabeth WallaceJul 25, 2023
Are you tired of tossing and turning? Check out our selection of comfortable, supportive memory foam pillows and start getting better sleep tonight.  
five pairs of sleep earplugs on blue background
Discover the best earplugs for sleeping soundly every night
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Noisy environments or a snoring partner shouldn’t deny you a good night’s sleep. Discover the best earplugs for sleeping and thank us later.