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Travel Gear

The travel industry has worked hard to perfect even the most simple travel accessories (such as portable chargers and the trusty travel pillow!). But to get the very best, you have to know which models stand out against competitors. That’s where we come in. Our editors research and review all kinds of trendy travel accessories to bring you our expert recommendations.

a large cruise ship on sail in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
All aboard! Your ultimate guide for what to pack for a cruise
By Lauren PascalMay 31, 2024
Here are your cruise must-haves for your next trip at sea. Bon voyage!
Four disposable cameras pictured in a collage
Capture vacation memories with the best disposable cameras for travel
By Odinga FanuelMay 03, 2024
Looking for a fun, kitschy way to snap pics on your next getaway? Shop our selection of must-have disposable cameras that the whole family will love.
three travel neck pillows on blue background
Your guide to the best travel neck pillows for uninterrupted sleep
By Bijou AtteyMay 03, 2024
Looking to enhance your in-flight experience? We’ve rounded up the best travel neck pillows for comfort and improved sleep.
three of the best Stanley cup dupes from Simple Modern, TAL and Owala
Feeling the Stanley fever? Shop the best Stanley Cup dupes for less
By Lauren PascalFeb 08, 2024
Love a dupe? These affordable tumblers look and feel like the real thing.
five of the best travel water bottles including Chilly's and lululemon
Stay hydrated on the go with the best travel water bottles
By Lauren PascalJan 31, 2024
Looking to up your water intake? It’s time to invest in one of the best travel water bottles to hit your hydration goals.
three of the best travel steamers from CHI, Rowenta and BLACK+DECKER
The best travel steamers for wrinkle-free clothes on the go
By Lauren PascalJan 15, 2024
Keep your clothes in pristine condition wherever you go with the best travel steamers.
three beach towels from Zara, H&M and Macy's
The best beach towels for days spent seaside
By Odinga FanuelNov 16, 2023
A beach towel is an essential summer accessory to take to the sea or use poolside. Explore our top picks to find the best towel for you.
Image of Paravel and Eagle Creek packing cube sets
The best packing cubes for keeping your travel bag neat and tidy
By Afina NajibOct 16, 2023
The key to packing like a pro is to invest in packing cubes. With the right set, your items will stay organized and in their place. Shop them here.
Collage of 3 travel mugs against a blue background
The best travel mugs for bringing warm & cold beverages along with you
By Afina NajibOct 02, 2023
Whether you are commuting to work or traveling, having a quality coffee travel mug will elevate your journey. Choose from our expert selections.
Image of three toiletry bags in black, red and dark green
Which toiletry bags are best? We review 8 top options for travel
By Afina NajibSep 19, 2023
Tired of rummaging through your suitcase trying to find your essentials? With the right toiletry bag, it’s easy to stay organized. Shop the best here.
three different portable luggage scales
The 6 best luggage scales to avoid paying overweight baggage fees
By Judith HalishJul 25, 2023
It's easy to overpack for a trip, but you can avoid this costly mistake. Here are the best luggage scales to defend against dreaded overweight fees.
travel hair dryers from revlon, babyliss and more
The best travel hair dryers to pack in your suitcase
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Protect your hair while traveling with a portable hair dryer. Here are our top picks to help you find a compact, yet powerful travel hair dryer.