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Smart Shopper is reader supported. When you shop our picks, we may receive a commission.

Everything you need to know about Smart Shopper and how we improve your shopping experience

Curious about the Smart Shopper team and want to know more about what we do and how we review products? Read on to find out more.

Updated Apr 15, 2024
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What is Smart Shopper and why should you trust our product reviews and recommendations? 

Smart Shopper is part of and a subsidiary of Global Savings Group (GSG), your online destination for shopping inspiration, expert reviews, gift guides, top sales, product comparisons — and so much more. 

We care about your journey and we aim to help make your shopping experience easier and more rewarding.

Our mission

Do you ever experience decision fatigue while shopping? That’s where Smart Shopper steps in. We take the guesswork out of online shopping. 

Looking for new headphones? Read Smart Shopper content to find out which pairs are best. Not sure if you should invest in the latest parenting products? Chances are, we’ve already reviewed it and can provide you with insights.

Our team of experienced editors is on the cutting edge of what’s worth shopping – and what’s not. On our website, you’ll find content on everything from tech to fashion, home and garden, travel, seasonal events, gift guides and more.

We’ve done the research and tests for you. That means you can rely on Smart Shopper for all your shopping needs. 

No more hours spent searching, laboring over comparing prices and product features. That’s our job. We tell you which products are worth adding to your cart and taking home.

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How does Smart Shopper source featured products?

Our editors research extensively, test products and study customer ratings to determine which products are worth buying. We aim to test products to bring you the ones that are actually worth your money. 

When we test products, our editors are sometimes provided them for free from public relations firms or the retailers themselves.

To aid our research, we also dig deep into ratings and reviews to determine whether specific products make the Smart Shopper cut. 

In addition to sourcing top products and services, we also consider which brands and retailers provide the best shopping experience. We consider whether the seller is trustworthy, has high-quality offerings — and offers the best price and potentially free shipping.

How do Smart Shopper editors test products?

When it comes to testing products, Smart Shopper editors try to get our hands on as many relevant products as possible, aiming to bring genuine insights and experiences to our content.

You’ll find the “We Tested It” badge displayed on main header images for our full review articles, or products within round-ups for products tested by our editors within an article.

If our editors can’t obtain a product, they will research it. Factors such as advantages and disadvantages of the products, consulting expert opinions, and evaluating reviews and tests done by other publications are considered to ensure content is accurate and balanced. 

Does the editorial team earn money from your purchases?

Smart Shopper is reader-supported. That means when you shop the products featured on our site, we may earn a commission. 

Smart Shopper is a part of Global Savings Group, and we participate in various affiliate marketing programs. 

Smart Shopper also partners with top brands and retailers to bring you sponsored content on various trending products and topics. Any article with a "Featured” badge or banner is sponsored content. 

These posts are written by our editors and feature their honest opinions.

Does Smart Shopper feature big upcoming sales events?

Yes! At Smart Shopper, we cover top annual sales, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, and Christmas campaigns. 

Our editors do extensive research before these campaigns kick off so that you’ll know what’s worth buying before they even start. No more spending hours searching across brands and retailers for the best deal; we’ll do the work for you. 

Additionally, we cover flash sales and other limited-time-only deals throughout the year, so you’ll know when your most-loved products are marked down.

Is Smart Shopper content accurate and up to date?

The Smart Shopper team works daily to keep its content up-to-date and accurate. Of course, some prices will change over time. 

If you’re curious about when an article’s product prices were last checked, you can reference our pricing disclaimers, which are located at the bottom of each article. These disclaimers include the date the prices were last updated.

About Global Savings Group

Smart Shopper content is produced by a team of editors at Global Savings Group (GSG), a global shopping rewards company that empowers millions to make better purchasing decisions.

Since launching in 2012, GSG has become Europe’s largest company of its kind. We’ve partnered with more than 5,000 brands globally and built platforms that allow members access to exclusive rewards and ways to save via cashback, points, deals, reviews and discounts.

In July 2023, GSG started Smart Shopper, in partnership with, to bring its readership a smarter way to shop. On a daily basis, we publish new shopping content with buying advice related to the best products and services available online.

GSG at a Glance

400+ million
+ 400M
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+ 3M

Awards and highlights

In 2021, GSG and Asics won the Best Brand Engagement Campaign at The Performance Marketing Awards. The campaign emphasized the importance of exercise and movement for mental health and worked together with Mind, a mental health charity.

Performance Marketing Awards logo

Global Savings Group also offers Closed Group Certification, which allows brands to personalize their discounts for specific types of consumers. These consumer segments include healthcare workers, students, teachers, specific age groups, and pensioners.

In Dec. 2021, GSG partnered with Wilderness International to protect 20,000 sq meters of rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in Peru. This donation will go toward the non-profit foundation’s work to protect the forest area and its wildlife, plus research and local environmental projects.

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How can I contact the Smart Shopper team?

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, email us here. All emails to the editorial team are directed to Smart Shopper’s partner company, Global Savings Group.

Want to find out more about our editorial team?

Meet them here.

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