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Laptops & Computers

Sure, tablets and smartphones can basically do it all. But sometimes, it’s necessary to invest in a good laptop or desktop computer with a bigger screen and keyboard. Whether you’re a working professional, a student or a gamer, our editors have researched the market to bring you the best laptops and computers at the right price. These devices range from lightweight and convenient for commuting to more heavy-duty powerful models.

a member of staff using the Square for restaurants hardware at a restaurant
Work smarter, not harder: THIS is how to streamline your restaurant
By Lauren PascalJun 11, 2024
Ready for your business to reach its full potential? It's time to invest in a POS system.
Image of three types of gaming laptops
Calling all gamers: Beat your competition with the best gaming laptops
By Afina NajibMay 13, 2024
The best laptops for gaming will give you the confidence to power through any game mode without giving out.
two members of staff at a beauty salon using the Square screen
Unlock salon success: Simplify scheduling and payments with Square
By Phoebe DavenportApr 15, 2024
While it may look like it, running a beauty salon isn’t all glitz and glam — find out how to make yours more streamlined.
three monitors on blue background
The best monitors for your home office
By Phoebe DavenportJan 05, 2024
Searching for the best monitor for your home office to upgrade your workspace? We've handpicked 6 top-rated monitors in the market, each with unique features to cater to your needs.
steam deck on blue background
We review the Steam Deck: Is it the best handheld gaming console on the market?
By Phoebe DavenportNov 28, 2023
For the last few years, the Nintendo Switch has been the reigning champion of handheld gaming devices, so we’re thrilled to finally test out Valve’s Steam Deck.
black keyboard with mouse and USB
The best wireless keyboard and mouse sets for your work setup
By Afina NajibNov 23, 2023
Explore our curated list of the best wireless keyboard and mouse sets on the market, catered to a range of needs from gaming to professional use.
laptops from hp, asus and acer
The top 7 best laptops under $400 in 2023
By Jada BowmanSep 26, 2023
Looking for the best laptops under $400 that offer great value without sacrificing performance? Find yours in our list of the best budget-friendly models.
laptops from microsoft, asus and more
Get a great deal by shopping the best budget laptops of 2023
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
A good laptop for work or gaming doesn’t need to be costly. There are great options within your budget if you know where to look.
a black and silver HP laptop
The 7 best HP laptops for remote work, school, gaming and more
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Finding the right HP laptop is important for a smooth computing experience, but your options can seem overwhelming. Check out our top picks here.
three portable monitors from AOC, Asus and Acer
The 9 best portable monitors for laptops to boost productivity
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Leaving your home office? By shopping one of the best portable monitors for laptops, you can still work with an extra screen while on the go.
three budget gaming laptops from Asus, Dell and Lenovo
Level-up your game with the best budget gaming laptops
By Jada BowmanJul 25, 2023
Looking to upgrade your gaming experience? Explore our expert selections to find the best gaming laptop for you.