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Bath & Body

With our bath and body recommendations, you can turn your bathroom routine into a spa-like experience. Our editors review the best products for use in the shower, such as razors for both men and women. Plus, we research and test everyday essentials, such as deodorants and lotions. We also narrow down the selection on teeth-cleaning devices, so you can achieve dentist-approved results when brushing and flossing. To improve your regimen today, shop our expert reviews and buying guides.

Image of hand wearing tanning mitt applying self tanner to the thigh, with 2 bottles of self tanner flanking
Get a healthy tan safely all year round with the best self tanners
By Sherelyn GohJun 20, 2024
Achieving a perfect tan has never been easier. Explore our editor’s picks of the best self tanners for a streak-free application and a realistic, golden hue.
picture of bath bomb in bath and bomb bombs surrounding it
Enjoy a blissful soak: Shop the best bath bombs
By Phoebe DavenportJun 12, 2024
How do you make bath time better? With bath bombs, of course! From budget to luxury, shop the best bath bombs now.
Image of three types of men's shower gel
Revitalize your shower time with the best men's shower gel
By Afina NajibJun 03, 2024
Our selection of body washes for men will have you singing your favorite tunes in the shower.
a collection of the best perfumes for women including Tom Ford Lost Cherry, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge, Jo Malone
Delight in a fragrance paradise: Shop the best perfumes for women
By Lauren PascalMay 20, 2024
From viral to classic designer picks, here are the best feminine fragrances.
three electric toothbrushes from ORAL B, Phillips and Suri
The 8 best electric toothbrushes for healthy teeth and brighter smiles
By Lauren PascalMay 15, 2024
Get your teeth whiter and smile brighter with an electric toothbrush by your side.
Image of four types of toothpastes
The best toothpaste for sparkling teeth and healthy gums
By Sherelyn GohMar 05, 2024
Looking for a bright, healthy smile? You can achieve it with the best toothpaste, all researched and approved by our editors.
Image of three types of sunscreens
Protect your skin from UV rays with these 7 best sunscreens
By Afina NajibFeb 14, 2024
A good sunscreen is essential for a day out in the sun as it can minimize the risk of skin cancer. Find one that suits you from our list.
Image of three men's hair clippers
The 9 best hair clippers for men: Your guide to a smooth trim
By Sherelyn GohDec 27, 2023
In search of the ideal hair clippers for men? We've got the top picks on the market so you can look coiffed and groomed even in between barber visits.
six body scrubs including KP, OUAI, Skinfix, Kate Somerville, OGX and Sol de Janeiro
The best body scrubs for glowing skin
By Sherelyn GohNov 30, 2023
Want soft and smooth skin? Body scrubs will give you that. Shop the best body scrubs on the market from brands like OUAI, First Aid, Dove and Soap and Glory.
three various water flossers
Shop the best water flossers to take charge of your dental health
By Beth CaseyNov 28, 2023
Need a more efficient way to clean your teeth? We review the best water flossers for oral hygiene and a cleaner, sparkling smile.
deodorants from axe, dove and native
The 6 best deodorants for men for effective, long-lasting freshness
By Jada BowmanJul 25, 2023
Finding a deodorant that works for you shouldn’t be anything to sweat over. Explore our deodorant selections for all-day freshness and confidence.
deodorants from dove, weleda and drunk elephant
Which women’s deodorants are the best? We review 6 top picks
By Judith HalishJul 25, 2023
Looking for ways to smell fresh while staying active? We review the best deodorants for women so you can be on the go without worries.
a woman shaving her legs in the bath
The best razors for women who want smooth, silky skin
By Afina NajibJul 25, 2023
Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hair when you pick from our list of top razors to cater to every woman’s unique needs.
best body lotions
The 8 best body lotions for radiant skin, according to our editors
By Emma KalkaJul 25, 2023
Want to achieve soft, supple skin? Shop our list of the best body lotions, formulated to heal dry skin, prevent aging and benefit skin texture.