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Household Appliances

Maintaining a comfortable, clean home requires you to invest in essential household appliances, such as a vacuum, washing machine, air conditioner and more. Our team of editors are passionate about scoping out the very best home products from top brands. Whether you’d like to update your major household appliances or try out new trendy gadgets, you can rely on our trusted reviews and recommendations to help guide your purchasing decisions.

eco friendly products on a green background
Help heal the world with these eco-friendly products
By Phoebe DavenportJun 05, 2024
Sometimes it feels like we can’t escape plastic — but it’s easier to switch to more environmentally friendly options than you’d think.
two baskets, a black floor length mirror and a beige sofa from The Home Depot
Ready for Spring? Save up to 35% off with The Home Depot’s seasonal sale
By Lauren PascalApr 04, 2024
The arrival of spring only means one thing: huge savings on household essentials, decor and more!
Image of three types of handheld vacuums
Make cleaning easier with these top handheld vacuums
By Afina NajibFeb 23, 2024
Want to keep those hard-to-reach corners of your house clean? A hand vac will do the trick.
four surge protectors on blue background
The best surge protectors for safeguarding your devices
By Phoebe DavenportFeb 14, 2024
Looking to protect your electronics from unexpected power surges? We've compiled a list of the best surge protectors on the market that offer excellent performance and value for money.
Side by side picture of shades in bedroom and living room
7 best window blinds for shade and privacy
By Afina NajibJan 24, 2024
The right window shades can keep harmful rays at bay and give you the privacy you need at home. Shop yours today.
the best housewarming gifts including spices, a vegan cookbook, diffuser, always pan and a door mat
The best housewarming gifts new homeowners will actually use
By Lauren PascalJan 23, 2024
These are the finest housewarming gifts, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on any new homeowner.
Image of man on massage chair in living room
The best massage chairs for ultimate relaxation at home
By Afina NajibJan 09, 2024
Looking to destress without leaving your home? Shop from the best massage chairs on our list and experience a pampering session like no other.
Image of three black space heaters
11 best space heaters for a cozy home
By Afina NajibJan 04, 2024
Looking for the best space heaters for maximum warmth and comfort? Check out our selection of heaters that strike the ideal balance between performance, safety and value.
Image of Dyson vacuum and airwrap
Need gifting ideas? These 2 Dyson products should be on your list
By Afina NajibNov 10, 2023
Dyson makes great gifts — either for your loved ones or yourself. Not only is its technology super advanced, but the line’s products are reliable and easy to use. Discover two top Dyson products here.
three washing machines from Maytag, Samsung and LG
The 5 best washing machines that help simplify your laundry day
By Eric ListonOct 04, 2023
The best washing machines have smart designs, special features and can deep clean effectively. Replacing your machine? See our top recommendations.
A collage of 3 pet vacuum cleaners against a yellow and orange background
Keep your home fur-free with the 7 best vacuums for pet hair
By Eric ListonSep 06, 2023
We all love our furry friends! And with one of the best pet hair vacuums, you can enjoy snuggling with your furry best friend with less mess. 
Image of kitchen
Lowe’s Labor Day savings are here: Start shopping now!
By Afina NajibSep 01, 2023
Get the best value this season and elevate your home with new appliances, tools, outdoor living essentials and more for a Labor Day weekend to remember.
Image of stick vacuums
The 6 best cordless vacuums for convenient cleaning at home
By Emma KalkaAug 24, 2023
Whether you want the best stick vacuum of 2023 or a small handheld vacuum for pet messes, our list has it all. Browse and pick out your next cordless vacuum here.
three steam irons
The best steam irons for crisp, fresh clothing in minutes
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
A steam iron is a must-have in your laundry arsenal. We share our top picks for the best steam irons for smoothing your wrinkly clothes.
three portable air conditioners on a colored background
The 5 best portable air conditioners to beat the heat at home
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Is it too hot in your home? Investing in a portable air conditioner is the best way to keep your cool. Let’s get into our top recommendations.