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10 of the best New Year’s resolutions to carry into 2024

Make 2024 your best year yet with these fun (and achievable) resolutions. 

Published Dec 28, 2023
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Every time the new year rolls around, we reflect on how we did with our resolutions — and more often than not, they were abandoned in January. 

So, sick of constantly making and breaking our resolutions, we’ve set more realistic intentions for 2024. 

That way, even if the resolutions are smaller, we’ll still feel accomplished, rather than disappointed with ourselves for another year of broken resolutions. 

Looking for some New Year goals (and tips for keeping at them) for a fresh start in 2024? Read on. 

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Our favorite goals for the new year

1. Drink more water

Drinking water should be one of your top priorities — it keeps you hydrated and energized and has tons of other health benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, men should drink at least 3.7 liters of water and for women, 2.7 liters daily. 

ac+ION ion charged alkaline water
Photo: ReadyRefresh

Regular water is fine — but if you typically struggle to fulfill your daily intake, why not switch to ion-charged alkaline water? 

This water undergoes a microfiltration and ionization process to create a 9.5 pH alkaline mineralized water. It can potentially decrease high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, plus, there’s no added sodium, so it tastes clean and fresh.

This is the perfect workout drink, so you’ll be able to knock out two resolutions at once! 

Even better, you can save up to $50 + 2 FREE deliveries + 2 FREE case packs on your first 3- or 5-gallon recurring orders. This offer is valid from 12/26 to 1/31

person holding green water bottle with the different color options at the bottom
Photo: Amazon

Hyeta 32oz Water Bottles with Straw

You save $6.00 (30.02%)

If you have trouble keeping track of how much water you’re drinking, we recommend one of these bottles with time markers. 

Perfect for every day, the gym and even travel, it's available in many colors and is probably the easiest way to ensure you hit this goal.

2. Practice mindfulness 

Becoming more mindful has numerous benefits — from feeling more confident to sleeping better and improving your general outlook on life. Whether this means doing 10 minutes of yoga daily or starting a mindfulness journal, we think you’ll soon feel the benefits.

wellness journal saying 'make space for your mind' from papier
Photo: Papier

Make Space Wellness Journal

You save $5.25 (15%)

Covering 12 weeks, this journal has everything you need to start your mindfulness journey. 

Containing daily overview pages, you’ll be able to reflect and log feelings, your sleep patterns, energy levels and gratitudes. It even has weekly and monthly check-ins against the six wellness pillars.

This lightweight yoga mat from lululemon is perfect for both experts and beginners. 

This mat is thinner than the heavier-duty ones, making it ideal for less intensive yoga routines. If you want to get into more intense routines, we recommend pairing it with a towel to help you stay gripped on the mat.

3. Hit the gym 

Going to the gym more frequently is a great way to become healthier in the new year, whether you’re looking to lose weight for an event or just want to improve your general and physical health. It’s also super beneficial for your mental health and to get a daily routine going. 

If you’re hitting the gym more frequently, you’ll need some workout-appropriate sneakers and these babies from Nike are perfect for your gym sessions. 

They feature thick cushioning, meaning they’ll be comfortable for long sessions on the treadmill or some seriously impressive squat reps.

No workout is complete without some motivational tunes — and with these air-conduction headphones from OpenRock, you’ll have everything you need to reach your fitness goals. 

With 60 hours of playtime and waterproof and sweatproof capabilities, these are perfect for everything from a quick session in the gym to a challenging hike. 

4. Eat healthier

When we eat healthier, we feel good about ourselves in almost every way — your skin clears up, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll likely save yourself some big bucks in the long run. 

Transforming your bad habits is a slow process, so a book like this which offers healthy (and quick) alternatives to your regular meals is a great buy. 

With 100 delicious, healthy, low-prep meals, this is an absolute must-have if you want to start your healthy eating journey, offering great ideas for hosting friends and family, or even an at-home date night.

One of the easiest ways to start eating healthier more regularly is to meal prep. You can make a big batch of your meals and freeze them, saving you both time and money in the long run. 

This set of 10 glass containers from Amazon is ideal as they’re freezable, microwave and oven-safe.

5. Pick up a book

Whether you’re looking to start the latest sci-fi series, sink your teeth into some horror, or even read the stories of celebrities, reading regularly is a great way to dedicate some time to yourself.

With an Audible membership, you’ll get access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts and Audible originals. 

You’ll receive one credit every month, which you can use to purchase any of the latest releases. The best thing is, if you eventually choose to cancel the membership, they won’t be removed from your library. 

This guide to manifesting your goals is a great buy if your New Year resolutions are usually abandoned by the end of January. 

Written by self-help coach Roxie Nafousi, this book will take you through the seven steps that you’ll need to take to be able to manifest the life you’ve always wanted. 

6. Improve your work/life balance

A goal a lot of people will have for 2024 is improving their work/life balance. Whether that means going out for a weekly brunch with friends, or only doing a set amount of overtime, it’s important to have quality time to yourself and have outlets for stress relief. 

This personalized 2024 planner has everything you need to keep track of your social life. It has weekly, monthly and yearly overviews, space to input all your goals and resolutions for the year and is perfect for putting in important dates. 

We love this navy and gold foil design, but if this one isn’t for you, Papier has tons of alternative options as well.

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Echo Buds in white
Photo: Amazon

With an Echo Dot, you’ll have the virtual assistant you always wanted. It can set you reminders, and alarms, and play your favorite tunes to make the workday go by in a flash. It can also tell you to take breaks away from your screen and remind you to finish work on time. 

Even better, with this bundle, you’ll also get a pair of Echo Buds so you’ll have access to Alexa on the go.

7. Start a new hobby

Mastering a new hobby is often at the top of people's lists of resolutions — it’s a great way to feel accomplished and open yourself up to making new friends and developing existing skills.

Whether your new hobby is reading, running, or even playing video games, starting a new hobby is always a great idea. 

LEGO isn’t just for kids — there are so many great options for adults to build that sometimes we wonder why it isn’t everyone's favorite thing. 

This ‘Starry Night’ model, based on the famous painting by Van Gough, is a great way to highlight your love of art and have fun building something. You can even hang it on the wall after!

We’ve all likely wanted to learn to play the guitar at one point, so why not give it a try? With this starter pack from leading brand Fender, you’ll have everything you need to become the next Bob Dylan. 

This kit includes an acoustic guitar, a gig bag, strap, picks, a clip-on tuner, a guitar stand, and an extra set of strings.

8. Plan a vacation

Planning a vacation is always at the top of our list for the New Year. Whether you’re organizing a trip with friends, your partner, or a solo trip, it’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new culture or way of life.

This travel wallet is the ideal accompaniment to any vacation abroad this year. With space for your passport, plane tickets and cards, this has everything you need to stay organized during your trip. 

Made with RFID-blocking material and available in a ton of super cute colors, this passport holder will suit everyone. 

When it comes to weekend bags, we think BÉIS does them best, and with this convertible one, it’s never been easier to travel. You can completely remove the bottom compartment, making it into a convenient packing cube, and then the bag is a regular duffel size — talk about convenience. 

It also includes a removable padded laptop sleeve, making it ideal for work on the go. 

9. Organize your home

It’s never too early for a spot of spring cleaning — so why not start the year by organizing that closet you’ve been ignoring, or the toy room that never seems to get decluttered? 

After the initial fun of having a label maker wears off, you’ll quickly realize that they’re a great way to organize everything from your pantry to your closet. 

With six font sizes and eight text styles, your labels will be able to fit even the most specific aesthetic styles — the only trouble will be not labeling everything in your home. 

under the bed clear plastic bins
Photo: Amazon

HOMZ 56 Quart Underbed Bins

You save $37.20 (35.43%)

Using these shallow plastic bins as under-bed storage is a great way to save space and keep your home organized.

These are conveniently wheeled, meaning they’re easy to drag in and out from under the bed, and also fit under garage counters. 

10. Sleep better

The way we sleep affects our daily lives in huge ways — a bad night’s sleep can make us lethargic, cranky and unmotivated, so it’s important to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make your sleep as seamless as possible. 

For some, a sound machine is the only thing that will ensure a good night’s sleep, and we think this one is the perfect all-rounder. 

It provides 30 soothing sounds, including white, pink and brown noise, sounds you’d hear in nature like babbling brooks and birds chirping, and even has a lullaby feature for when your little one can’t sleep. It also has 12 different color nightlights, making it perfect for everyone.

tempur-pedic mattress topper
Photo: Tempur-Pedic

TEMPUR-Adapt Topper

You save $83.80 (20%)

Mattresses are a huge purchase, and it can take some time to find the right one for you. So in the meantime, to immediately improve your sleep, we recommend opting for a good quality mattress topper. 

With a convenient removable washable cover, and a quick response to your sleep position, temperature and weight, this is the ideal solution to fix your sleepless nights for the new year. 

Which of these New Year's resolution ideas spoke to you the most? 

Whichever of these inspiring resolutions you decide to take on for 2024, whether you choose to hit the gym, start a book club with friends, or organize your home, we hope you face it (or them!) with a sense of positivity and motivation. 

2024 is your year! Why not embrace all the possibilities by improving yourself? 

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