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Unlock Salon Success: Simplify Scheduling and Payments with Square

While it may look like it, running a beauty salon isn’t all glitz and glam — find out how to make yours more streamlined.

Published Apr 15, 2024
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two members of staff at a beauty salon using the Square screen
Photo: Square

You’ve finally got your dream salon. And it’s everything you fantasized about.

Only, before long you find that you’re dealing with inefficient scheduling, dreaded double bookings, inflexible payment methods, staff management and more (that were not part of the vision!) — leaving you with less time for the thing that matters most, doing what you love. 

And as the salon and your clientele grow, these problems can make or break your business. 

So you might ask yourself, How can I make running my salon more streamlined?. As it turns out, the solution is within your reach.

So, what exactly does Square Appointments do? 

We think the easier question is, what doesn’t it do?

Free up your own time 

No boss wants to be stuck in their office all day working out payroll, scheduling appointments and working on marketing. 

With Square Appointments, it’s all automated, allowing you to spend more face-to-face time with your employees and clients. 

Not convinced? Here are just a few of the features that will make you a very happy salon owner:

  • Running out of stock? Get alerts when stock gets low and send automatic purchase orders to vendors.

  • Overwhelmed with inventory? Use the built-in counting tool or barcode scanner to update stock counts and print barcodes on the go.

  • Struggling to keep up with staff payroll? Integrate your payroll and set individual commissions for each employee.

  • Running on an overcomplicated system? Create a free, shoppable website, allowing clients to book and shop from anywhere in the world, absolutely hassle-free.

  • Low customer retention? Create custom marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.

And that’s not all of it. 

This POS system is incredibly user-friendly, and more importantly, extremely easy to train staff on. It leads to fewer human errors, more happy customers and protects your business, too. 

Even better — there’s no monthly payment for the basic plan, with Square only taking a minuscule percentage of each transaction. That’s more money in your pocket!

Happy stylists, happy clients: Build your dream salon with an efficient system

Your employees are human beings, and like all human beings, they tend to make the occasional mistake. 

But when these mistakes start to impact customer service (and staff morale) negatively, that's when it becomes a REAL problem.

Overbooking appointments, incorrect scheduling, forgotten reminders and a generally chaotic environment can prevent customers from returning to the salon. 

The easy solution? Square Appointments’ accessible system.

two staff members at a salon reception desk with two Square screens
Photo: Square

With individual employee accounts, they can log in and manage their calendars, allowing them to tailor work schedules without needing owner input — sounds like a dream, right? 

And with customer profiles and notes, your employees will have an idea of who they’re servicing. They’ll never miss a birthday or preference again!  

Should the worst happen (at least in the world of salons!) and your employee gets a no-call-no-show appointment, they’ll still get paid for their time, thanks to enforceable no-show fees and last-minute cancellations. 

All this added up looks pretty great for your staff, right?

Struggling to build a loyal client base? Create the ideal experience 

model using the Square system on a laptop
Photo: Square

Many people find that the hardest thing about booking salon appointments is finding the time (or energy) to call a salon. We’ve all been there.

But with Square Appointments, they can browse through your services and book their own appointments. They can even join waitlists for popular services or specific stylists and set recurring appointments. 

No one likes turning up late, or heaven forbid, forgetting about their appointment — and with automated email or text reminders, your clients are sure to come back again and again. 

Fancy rewarding your favorite client? You’ll be able to offer custom discounts to treat them for a special occasion (or if you just fancy doing a good deed!), and you can even set up a loyalty program.

Get more flexible with your client payments

When buying a service, we all want to have a choice. So, why not allow your customers to purchase in the way they prefer?

That’s what Square Appointments do. It makes taking payments that much easier.

And with a huge range of payment options for your clients to choose from, the convenience will attract and increase your cash flow — and that’s the ultimate goal for any small business. 

All payments made through the Square Appointments POS system are secure with no hidden fees

Available payment options for customers include:

  • Contactless card payment

  • ApplePay and Google Pay

  • Afterpay 

  • Cash App

  • Gift cards and eGift card

With Square Appointments’ customizable gift cards, your clients can spread the word about your salon themselves, allowing new clients to roll in with very little effort only your part.

It sounds almost too good to be true (but it’s not!).

Take the plunge

Are you ready to let admin take a backseat and re-embrace your creative spirit and talents? 

From scheduling to taking payments and paying essential employees, Square Appointments is the answer to every beauty salon’s prayers — it will feel like your business has had a facelift! 

Upgrade to Square Appointments for beauty salons and you’ll have a seamless POS system where you, your employees and clients can be as hands-on or off as you like!

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