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Work smarter, not harder: THIS is how to streamline your restaurant

Ready for your business to reach its full potential? It's time to think about investing in a POS system.

Published Apr 15, 2024
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a member of staff using the Square for restaurants hardware at a restaurant
Photo: Square

Long lines out the door, frustrated customers waiting for food and a chaotic kitchen struggling to keep up with orders.

Does that sound all too familiar?

While good service can save a bad meal, there’s no level of food that can save bad service.

But running a restaurant is no easy task. From feeling burned out, spending hours on your feet and dealing with tension among staff, kitchen and customers, many factors affect the quality of service. 

Let us introduce you to your simple solution: Square for Restaurants.

No commitments. No long-term contracts. Just a 30-day free trial.

If you can’t stand the heat…

….it’s time to automate!

Now, we're not telling anyone how to run their business, but we know that things can get a little heated when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

An unorganized kitchen, tension between front and back of house staff and hiccups in quality control can all negatively affect customer service, which is a big no-no for any growing business.

The solution? 

All-in-one restaurant POS system.

customer ordering food from a menu whilst staff member takes order with Square Hardware
Photo: Square

Tired of unreliable tools? It’s time to simplify your system 

To write or not to write?

Using pens and paper has long been a traditional method of taking orders, communicating with the kitchen and calculating final bills. But, it does leave room for human error.

We’re talking about wrong orders, miscalculations on bills and a whole lot of avoidable mistakes.


Hence, it's time to say finally goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

With Square for Restaurants, you can process payments, manage menus and take online orders systematically and efficiently.

The results? A streamlined workline, less tension between workers, fewer mistakes and more time with happy jolly customers.

Low effort, big rewards

Switching to a POS system is as easy as pie.  

It’s quick, user-friendly and most importantly, easy to train staff on.

Simply create an account and get access to the 30-day free trial of the Square for Restaurants Plus plan. Once you’re signed up, you can add all your menus and easily transfer your existing inventory with a bulk import. 

It’s that simple.

7 benefits of using a POS system

customer paying with card on square hardware at a restaurant
Photo: Square

A POS system benefits everyone.

From the staff who have a clear, systematic operation to work with to customers who receive a wonderful dining experience and to business owners who see their business thrive — everyone wins. 

Need more convincing? Here are a few ways it can enhance your business:

  • Menu updates take seconds rather than hours

  • Front and back of house can stay in sync

  • Transparent pricing and easy-to-understand processing rates 

  • Monitor and manage your operations from anywhere

  • Personalized service with online reservations

  • Improved staff morale and less tension among workers

  • Enhanced dine-in experience for customers 

Now, let’s talk money.

Keeping more money in your pockets

customer collecting a takeout order with staff member using Square stand
Photo: Square

Profit, profit, profit. There’s no denying that it’s the key to a growing business. 

So, let's cut to the chase. 

Here are some ways POS Systems can increase your cash flow:

  • Maximizes sales through easy acceptance of online takeout and delivery orders

  • Adds new revenue streams through merch sales and brand growth  

  • Fulfills more orders faster

  • Stays on top of labor and inventory costs 

  • Instant access to your money with integrated banking solutions

  • Tip rate increases with more satisfied customers 

More money, no mo’ problems!

Go big or go home

Ready to revolutionize your business? 

Trade paper orders for profitability today with a POS system.

With its flexibility, you have the freedom to run your business your way, just with a more streamlined, efficient system.

How does that sound?

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