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Want to ‘wow’ your loved ones? Shop personalized gifts from VistaPrint

Got gift shopping for a special occasion? VistaPrint’s unique and customizable gifts make gifting fun and easy. Check them out here.

Updated Jan 09, 2024
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Image of photobook and stemless wine glasses

It can be tough shopping for people for special occasions, especially if you think they already own everything under the sun. That’s where personalized gifts come in — your recipient will love that it’s unique to them and they’ll appreciate all the effort you put into it. 

If you want your gifts to be memorable no matter the occasion, look no further than VistaPrint’s range of customizable products. Whether it’s a cute mug, stylish tote bag, cozy sweatshirt or chic glassware, these presents are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. 

And it’s so easy to create special gifts for your loved ones. All you have to do is select an item from VistaPrint’s huge range of selections, choose a color and design (or upload one that you want), review it to ensure everything looks good and checkout!

You can even take it a step further by choosing a template and adding text and graphics. 

To sweeten the deal, when you shop on VistaPrint, you'll get free shipping on orders above $100, so start browsing now!

These gift ideas will work for birthdays, graduations, the holiday season and other special occasions, too!

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Browse personalized gifts

Hands touching a photobook with image of a woman and cat on the cover
Photo Book
$30 at VistaPrint
three printed stemless wine glasses
Stemless wine glasses
$17.99 at VistaPrint
family photo printed on canvas
Canvas Print
$29.99 at VistaPrint
pillow cover with image of french bulldog printed
Customized Pillow
$24.99 at VistaPrint
Hands touching a photobook with image of a woman and cat on the cover
Photo: Vistaprint

Photo Book

$30 at VistaPrint

Large Landscape

Make memories that you’ve created with someone throughout the years permanent in the form of a photo book. 

Print photos from the vacation you took together — or make it a collection of all the fun family gatherings you’ve had over the years — in a hardcover book. 

You can choose from seven different sizes and layouts and even paper types and have your pictures printed out in full color.

Stemless wine glasses are a chic gift to give and you can make it better by customizing it with your loved one’s name, a special date or a monogram. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher-safe and it’ll elevate any dinner party.

family photo printed on canvas
Photo: Vistaprint

Need new art for your home? Go for stylish canvas prints. 

These prints use fade-proof latex ink, so the colors are long-lasting. And you can add artwork, text and more design elements to make your print stand out. 

There are built-in hangers for display and there are options to laminate or add photo frames if you want.

Anyone would love cozying up to a pillow with a print of their pet or favorite memory and VistaPrint can make it happen. Pick a photo and print it on either one or both sides of the pillow for a beautiful accent on someone’s couch, bed or seat. The covers are made of 100% soft polyester and it’s best to spot or dry clean them only.

three mugs with printed designs
Photo: Vistaprint

Sipping your coffee or tea can only be better if it’s in your own personalized mug. You can create a fun, festive or inspiring mug for someone on your list and they will always be reminded of you when they’re having a cuppa. The mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe so your design will last (well, until someone drops it by accident, that is).

stacks of printed calendars
Photo: Vistaprint

Wall Calendar

You save $11.20 (40.01%)

Now you can gift someone a collection of all their favorite pictures and memories on a wall calendar while they gear up for the year ahead. With four size options, you can choose a template, add your photos, any text and clipart. It’s a visually stunning reminder for anyone to have hanging on their wall, whether at home or in the office. 

Here’s where you can put a lit logo, saying or cute print on a tote bag that suits someone on your list. If you can think it, VistaPrint can print it. We guarantee, your gifting recipient will love it — because no one else will have a tote like theirs. Made of 100% cotton canvas, it can be used for groceries, day-to-day errands or for the gym.

Using heat transfers, you can add any logo, print or text on a sweatshirt and design it to your liking. You can even choose from a range of print designs available on Vistaprint’s website. Just choose a color sweatshirt, click to upload your design, preview and checkout! It’s perfect for literally anyone on your list, be it a gym buddy, co-worker or sibling because they can wear their favorite quote, spirit animal or hobby.

Which customizable gift ideas get our vote?

We love all the gift ideas on this list as they’ll make thoughtful and practical presents for anyone, but if we had to narrow it down, we would opt for these three:

  • Wall Calendar: Make planning inspiring and visually appealing for someone with stunning pictures you’ve chosen from a memorable trip or event. It will look great on any wall and be a fun conversation starter too. 

  • Customized Mug: You can showcase someone’s personality on a mug and it will be their daily companion as they sip on their favorite drinks. 

  • Large Cotton Tote Bag: You can design a tote bag for someone to be as stylish or as basic as you like and they’ll take it everywhere they go. It’s functional and who doesn’t love a personalized bag that’s created just for them?

Don’t wait, start getting creative with these personalized gifts from VistaPrint for your loved ones today! 

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