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The ultimate Father’s Day 2024 gift list dads will love

Struggling on what to get for the man who has been blessed with you as their child? Check out our rundown of the best Father’s Day gifts.

Published Apr 19, 2024
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Don’t know what to get dad for Father’s Day?

Sick of seeing lists of just barbecue grills, cologne and fishing gear? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for gifts that your dad will actually want, and that you may not have thought of. 

With gifts for techy dads, grilling dads, new dads and even granddads, we’re sure there’s something every father out there. 

Father’s Day this year is Sunday, June 16th, so there’s still time to get your dad a unique gift he’ll love. 

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Top Father’s Day gifts

Black Apple AirPods Max
For the techy dad
Apple AirPods Max
$519 at Amazon
BEVEL Men's Shave Kit
For the well-groomed dad
BEVEL Men's Shave Kit
$89.99 at Target
Theragun Prime
For the exercise-obsessed dad
Theragun Prime
$299 at Therabody
Valve Steam Deck OLED
For the gamer dad
Valve Steam Deck OLED
$699.97 at Amazon

For the techy dad

Black Apple AirPods Max
Photo: Amazon

Apple AirPods Max

You save $30 (5.46%)

Is dad in need of some new headphones? Maybe you want him to confine his more retro music to his own ears rather than blasting it through the house (we’re speaking from experience here!). 

If so, the AirPods Max might just be the perfect gift — not only do they look super suave, but the sound quality is also impeccable. Better yet, if your dad already has an arsenal of Apple products, these will be super intuitive and work seamlessly together. 

And with 20 hours of listening time, noise cancellation and sound transparency, he’ll be able to zone out and enter his own world for hours at a time.

For the well-groomed dad

If your dad is always impeccably shaved, why not treat him to a luxury shave kit this Father’s Day?

Suitable for all skin types, this razor kit is specially designed to help prevent and reduce skin irritation and razor bumps. With nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, his skin will be left feeling moisturized. 

In this kit, you’ll get a safety razor, shave brush, pre-shave oil, shave cream, post-shave balm and razor blades.

For the exercise-obsessed dad

If your dad is constantly hopping from the gym to long hikes on the weekend, finding a way to relax and unwind is essential. 

And this massage gun from Therabody may just be the way to do it. Percussive massage therapy has been scientifically proven to relieve aches and pains and speed up recovery. 

What’s more is that it can connect via Bluetooth to the Therabody app for step-by-step guided routines, making it great for beginners.

If your dad is constantly hopping from the gym to long hikes on the weekend, finding a way to relax and unwind is essential. 

And this massage gun from Therabody may just be the way to do it. Percussive massage therapy has been scientifically proven to relieve aches and pains and speed up recovery. 

What’s more is that it can connect via Bluetooth to the Therabody app for step-by-step guided routines, making it great for beginners.

For the gamer dad

If your dad's a heavy gamer, but can’t always find the time (or opportunity) to get on their gaming setup, then a Steam Deck would be a great option. 

It may be on the pricier side of consoles (a great gift to band together with siblings!), but it’s essentially a mini gaming computer, running intensive PC games. 

The new and improved OLED model has a better display, improved battery life and more power, making running the latest games like “Baldur’s Gate 3” and “Elden Ring” a cakewalk.

Is the force with your dad?

If so, we think he’ll love this vinyl of some iconic tunes from the series. Pressed on a stunning disc and performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, this is will be the star of the show for every space nerd this Father’s Day.

For the dad-to-be

From The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon comes this adorable board book about the endeavor that new fathers embark on to make their baby’s first word ‘dada’. 

This colorful book is great for practicing animal sounds as you go through how they would say ‘dada’, and is sure to create lasting memories for you and your child during playtime or bedtime.

For the fashion-forward dad

Black Aviator
Photo: Ray Bans

Who doesn’t want that iconic Tom Cruise “Top Gun” vibe?

With these Ray-Ban aviators, your dad is sure to feel cooler than ever — and this model is completely customizable. From the frame to the lenses (you can even get polarized or prescription lenses added!) and the temple tips, you can make them his and even get them engraved.

For the grill-master

Personalized BBQ Apron
Photo: PersonalizationMall

Personalized BBQ Apron

You save $10 (33.34%)

For those dads who fancy themselves a grill-master, a personalized apron is essential. 

It has an adjustable neckstrap, creating a custom fit for all body types, and because it’s full length, all his clothes will be protected while he grills. And with two lines of customizable text, you can slip in a private joke and give his grill skills the respect they deserve. 

It also has a four-piece pocket, giving him easy and quick access to utensils, towels and even his phone.

For the cozy dad

Who doesn’t love a snuggly pair of slippers?

These slippers from UGG are the perfect gift for dads who like to lounge around both indoors and out. With upcycled wool inside, these will keep his feet toasty warm during winter, and with a durable sole, they’ll be dry outdoors.

For the dog or cat dad

The one thing missing in every pet dad’s life is a funky Hawaiian shirt with their face on it. 

Available in a bunch of kooky patterns and designs, this is the perfect thing to wear out (and embarrass the kids!) on vacation or during a casual summer BBQ. 

There are also options to add just one face or two, making it perfect if he has multiple pets, or if you want to add yourself on the shirt.

For the whiskey lover

Whiskey always goes down a treat with dads — it may be a stereotypical gift, but that’s because it’s a great one. 

With aromas of rye, malt, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper, this whiskey is masculine and full-bodied — but that’s not to say it isn’t sweet. 

Caramel, vanilla and candied citrus notes make this a sweet and smooth whiskey that we think your dad will be reaching for at the end of a long day.

For the jet-setting dad

If your dad is often traveling for work and you miss the physical contact of a hug, then this is the answer. 

With the Bond Touch bracelet, you can send and receive touches if you have one of your own, showing that you’re thinking of that person. You can even create a secret language with touch patterns, creating intimate moments with your dad. 

They’re also water resistant, meaning you can go swimming or even shower with them on, making it super convenient.

For the chocoholic dad

For dads with a sweet tooth (and a taste for luxury treats), this chocolate bar gift set is just what the doctor ordered. 

Based on some nostalgic flavors like chocolate chip cookies, cereal, donuts & coffee and English toffee, this set is sure to impress (and fuel his chocolate addiction!).

The packaging also looks as good as the chocolate tastes, making it ideal for sitting at the top of a Father’s Day gift basket. 

For the sports-obsessed dad

If your dad is the jack-of-all-trades of sports fans, then deciding which merch or collectibles to get him can be different — that’s why we suggest a Fanatics gift card. 

Sports games are one of our favorite ways to make lasting memories with family and friends; and can be a huge bridge between children and their parents. With merch from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, golf and more available, there’s a neverending list of memorabilia for him to pick and enjoy.

For the nature-loving dad

As surprising as it is, bird watching can actually be fun — and with one of these smart bird feeders, dad will be able to get up close and personal. 

The Bird Buddy can recognize over 1,000 species of birds, allowing dad to identify them, and he’ll also receive alerts every time a bird visits his feeder. 

When specific birds visit the feeder, the companion app will also feed him with fun facts about those birds, as well as provide suggestions for food mixes to attract a variety of species.

For the granddad

When it comes to granddad, we’re probably all tired of hearing, “I don’t need or want anything!” — but we think this custom birthday book from The New York Times is the thing they didn’t know they needed. 

Simply send them your granddad’s birth date, and they’ll provide a book with the headlines and stories on the front page on the day they were born and every year following, including notable dates such as their 18th and 21st birthdays. 

It’s a lovely and unique gift that lets granddad take a look back through the events that shaped his life — it can’t get more personal than that!

Our verdict:

Your dad deserves to be spoiled this Father’s Day, and we think any of these gifts will make them feel loved and cherished this year. 

Whether he’s a sports fan who will appreciate the Fanatics gift card,  a pet dad begging to wear a funky Hawaiian shirt or even wants to get his groove on to the Star Wars soundtrack, these gifts are sure to make this Father’s Day the best one yet. 

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