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12 gifts for new moms that are thoughtful and useful

The best gifts for new moms can be useful, supportive and relief stress. Find the ideal one for the new mom in your life here.

Published Dec 08, 2023
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Being a new mom can be overwhelming, even if it’s not their first child they’re welcoming into the family. It can feel like everything is happening at once - sleepless nights, constant feedings, loads of washing up and laundry, not to mention having to look after themselves.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms, you’ve come to the right place. The best gifts for new moms can be thoughtful and help make the journey into motherhood easier.

From a diaper bag, weighted blanket, body oil and maternity robe, our editors have researched and compiled a thorough list of gifts for new moms. Go on, it’s time to treat the new mom in your life.

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Diaper backpacks make a great new mom gift because she’ll take it wherever she goes and it’ll hold all her personal belongings as well as her baby’s.

This diaper backpack comes in three sizes and has six color options if you’re opting for a medium size. It has a washable zipper bag so it can go in the washing machine, a wipeable changing mat for quick diaper changes and easy cleanups and a zip-top pouch to hold essentials.

Need more space? It fits a 13-inch laptop, an insulated neoprene water bottle holder and a breast pump if needed. It even clips to a baby stroller so it can be taken out on walks or to the mall and a luggage sleeve so it can be attached to luggage if they’re taking it traveling. 

Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket will make a new mom feel secure and warm, like a big hug. This one from Baloo Living is made with 100% cotton, with a glass microbead fill and is chemical-free. 

It’s great for all climates and it’ll ensure moms get cool and deep sleep. Rated 4.85 stars from 860 reviews, users say it helps them snooze better and it doesn’t feel hot.

Available in four different weights and sizes and three colors, it fits on top of the bed comfortably. Caring for it is easy too — just pop it in the washing machine and dryer after as it’s quick-drying. 

Water bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap in light gray
Photo: Amazon

Hydration is important for everyone and even more so for new moms who are nursing. Having a water bottle around is a good reminder to take in that H20 whenever possible and this Hydro Flask one is a wide-mouthed bottle with a flex cap that’s leakproof.

Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, it has tempshield insulation to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. There’s no worry of flavor transfer and it’s durable.  

With 18 colors to choose from, there’s a shade to suit every new mom’s personality. Its Color Last Powder Coat Is dishwasher-safe so it can be washed without worrying that the color will fade over time. 

Fannny pack

Kibou Vegan Leather Bag in smoky indigo
Photo: Kibou Bag

Made for minimalists, practical moms, this Kibou fanny pack is more than just a fanny pack. It practically doubles as a small diaper bag because it can fit just about everything — credit cards, cash, keys, a pacifier, wet wipes, a phone and a baby bottle.

There’s even a built-in waterproof pocket to hold wipes or wet items and a detachable changing pad. A nylon lining means it’s easy to wipe or throw into the washing machine and there’s no chance of staining.

It’s one of the best gifts for new moms and it’s proven with a 4.7 star user rating.

Cloth baby carrier

Rather than fussing with straps, buckles and fasteners, using a linen sling as a baby carrier like this Wildbird one will hoist a newborn quickly, leaving hands free for other tasks. 

Woven using 100% Belgian linen fibers, the sling is pre-washed and softened so it becomes cushier with more use and washes. It’s also super safe for babies as it’s dyed with low-impact dyes that are kind to the planet and to the skin. 

Linen is also stronger and more sustainable and durable than cotton, so baby and mom will feel light and airy while safe and secure. And there are options for standard or long lengths, different ring colors and a ton of patterns and shades to choose from. 

It’s not just a baby carrier either! The sling folds compactly and can be used in many ways — as a sunshade, nursing cover and blanket. If you’re looking for new mom gifts, this sling should be on the list. 

Silk pillowcase

Sound sleep can be elusive for new moms and parents and a silk pillowcase will help in catching much-needed zzz’s. Why? In addition to its beauty benefits (retaining moisture for great skin and hair), it can help moms cool down and it’s more comfortable than a standard cotton pillowcase. 

This Fisher’s Finery silk pillowcase is crafted with 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk and you can choose from 13 colors to match a new mom’s bedsheets. 

Unlike other silk pillowcases, this one can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle in a mesh washing bag for convenience. Of course, dry cleaning or hand washing it would make it last longer. 

Moisture-starved, post-partum bods will soak up this body oil from One Love Organics. It’s antioxidant-packed with papaya enzymes, shea butter oil and vitamin C ester so it’s great for skin. And it suits all skin types, so what more do you need?

This body oil has a thicker, richer texture that is easy to apply and isn’t messy, thanks to a special process. Reviews say it feels heavy at the start but spreads smoothly when it comes in contact with the heat on your skin. 

Mom will get a gorgeous glow that lasts all day and isn’t greasy. The only downside is that it’s a small bottle, so it’ll finish quickly because it’s just that good. 

It’s one of the best gifts for new moms looking to pamper themselves at home.

Post-natal gift set

Honest Mama Beyond The Bump Kit products against a brown background
Photo: Honest Company

Want to pamper a busy new mom who has no time to step out of the house for a spa treatment? A gift basket with all the goodies she needs to treat and nurture herself is one to consider if you’re shopping for gifts for a new mom.

This skin care kit from Honest contains a hydrating lotion, body oil, nipple balm, and some relaxing bath salts. She can soak up some nourishing minerals in the bath, slather on a moisturizing lotion with shea butter and avocado oil, prevent stretch marks with the body oil and finally, soothe chapped and dry nipples from breastfeeding with the balm. 

Night light & sound machine

It’s common for newborns to have trouble sleeping, especially if they’re waking up every few hours to feed. That’s where a sound machine can come in handy.

Every new mom swears by the Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen two-in-one night light and sound machine when it comes to putting their baby to bed. 

Just like the first generation, this allows parents to select sounds, customize night light colors and create sleep programs for their babies. Additionally, it now features a sleep library of curated music and stories, a portable battery (up to eight hours of use after a charge) and can be controlled anywhere using the Hatch Sleep app.

New moms can now be assured that their babies can sleep anywhere, even in the car, thanks to the Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen.

Baby book

Baby book open with photos and text displayed and other photos surrounding the book
Photo: Artifact Uprising

A baby book like this one by Artifact Rising allows new moms to document their newborn’s every step from their birth until they turn one in a simple and elegant manner. 

What’s great about this baby book is that it’s in a gender-neutral design and it can accommodate any family structure. It also uses eco-conscious paper and is equipped with all the supplies new parents need to create pages of memories. 

Each book has a fabric-bound cover with four color options, 100 pages and foil stamping on the cover, with the spine reading, "Here Begins The Story of You”. It’s a keepsake that parents will be proud to have. 

Maternity robe

A soft and comfy robe is a treat for new moms, especially if they’re staying home a lot with their newborn. This one from Caden Lane is ideal for pre and post-pregnancy stages and can even be worn during mom’s hospital stay.

It suits sizes small to large, has ties that accommodate pre and post-partum bellies and its crossover design works for breastfeeding. Available in loads of colors, one just won’t be enough. And did we mention we love that you can get matching swaddles so mom and baby can twin in style?

Gift card for pampering

It’ll be tough to schedule in any time for self-care with a newborn in the house, so the next best present is a gift card, which makes it one of the most convenient gifts for new moms when they’re ready to relax. 

She can book herself any treatment or class, whether it’s a facial, massage, manicure, yoga class or detox session, from the thousands of outlets available via Spafinder. 

Chill-out time isn’t just a great gift for new moms, it’s something anyone would appreciate, which is why we think this gift card is one to add to the list. 

Which gifts for new moms are our top picks?

With such a wide variety of gift ideas to cater to every new mom, we’re sure you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to narrowing down your selection. To help you out, we’ve selected four of the best gifts for new moms:

Dagne Dover Indi Neoprene Diaper Backpack: Every new mom wants a good diaper bag. This one has room for a laptop, breast pump and water bottle, plus it includes a wipeable changing mat for quick diaper changes and a zip-top pouch to hold essentials. With several size and color options, new moms will love this.

Throw weighted blanket from Baloo Living: Gifting this is like gifting a long-lasting hug, which new moms will appreciate. She’ll sleep better and cooler and feel good about it since it’s made of 100% cotton and is chemical-free. 

Wildbird Raven Linen Sling: Unlike regular baby carriers, this linen sling is baby-safe, multipurpose, comes in loads of colors and is durable. What more could you ask for?

One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil: This body oil is raved about, and it’s easy to see why. Packed with papaya enzymes, shea butter oil and vitamin C ester so it’s great for the skin, it suits all skin types and it’ll get mama glowing. The only downside is that it is a little pricey, but aren’t many quality products too? 

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