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The best maternity jeans: Shop editor-approved picks for stylish mamas

Is that baby bump starting to show? It’s time to shop the best maternity jeans, and here are pairs that are equal parts fashionable and functional.

Published Sep 26, 2023
6 min. reading time
Three women modeling maternity jeans against a pink background

Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans is hard enough. Add in a baby bump, and the search becomes even more difficult. Luckily, our editors have spent time researching and putting together a top-notch list of maternity jeans. We’ll help you find the right fit and feel to keep you comfy and your growing belly supported. 

We have included pregnancy jeans from brands specializing in maternity clothes and from pregnancy lines at your favorite retailers. There are also options for every budget and style — plus you can choose whether you want skinny or straight-leg pairs. 

The choice is yours, mama. Let’s shop.

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Model in black slim fit maternity jean against a cream background
Best overall
Hatch The Slim Maternity Jean
$198 at Hatch
Model wearing dark blue skinny maternity jeans
Best skinny jeans
ASOS DESIGN Maternity ultimate skinny jean
$37.99 at ASOS
Half body image of model wearing stretching maternity jeans
Best budget buy
Hybrid Stylish and Comfortable Women Super Stretchy Maternity Jeans
From $19.99 at Amazon
Model wearing straight cut maternity jeans and a trench coat
Best straight cut
H&M MAMA Straight Ankle Jeans
$54.99 at H&M

Best overall

Pros & Cons
  • Side grow-with-you panels

  • Cotton blend denim for stretch

  • Fits through all stages of pregnancy

  • Underbelly fit can slide down

  • Higher price point

Hatch is one of the most well-known brands in the maternity wear game, so it’s no surprise they’re our overall pick for best maternity jeans. The Slim comes with their signature grow-with-you side wedge made from bamboo and spandex. They’ll fit you through all stages of pregnancy, which means you can get plenty of use out of them.

These stylish maternity jeans also have actual pockets and buttons with a true waistband. This is good for tucking in your shirts and for post-partum when your body transitions again. 

They come in four washes, are slim fit, and fit under your bump. Made from a recycled cotton blend, they provide plenty of stretch. These are easily one of the best maternity pants out there.

Pros & Cons
  • Ultra-stretchy

  • Supportive over-the-belly band

  • Comes with pockets

  • Skinny fit may feel restrictive

  • May not be suitable for early pregnancy

If you want a skinny fit with a lower price point, check out these trendy maternity jeans from ASOS. They’re our choice for the best skinny jeans with a cut that will look flattering on any pregnant body. 

Made from power-stretch denim, they have an over-the-bump band in soft, stretchy fabric, which provides support both during your pregnancy and after as your body recovers. 

These jeans for pregnant women come in five washes and have five pockets and belt loops should you need a belt. They are mid-weight, ultra-stretchy, and machine washable, not to mention very, versatile. 

Pros & Cons
  • Low price point

  • All-day comfort

  • Cotton over-belly band

  • Size may differ slightly between washes

  • Some reviewers say you may need to size up

You don’t always need to spend a ton to get comfortable jeans. These stretchy maternity jeans come with an over-the-belly band made from soft, natural cotton and comfy elastic. They also have a price point that will let you get multiple pairs of maternity jeans. 

You’ll be able to wear them all day, plus the stretch will last your entire pregnancy. This comes in eight washes, so you’ll have a pair for every day of the week with a spare.

This pair of maternity denim has pockets, a button-zip fly — and are also machine washable. However, reviews have pointed out that the size differs a bit between washes. Keep that in mind as you shop. 

Best straight cut

Pros & Cons
  • Jersey cotton over-the-belly band

  • High waist

  • No front pockets

Not everyone enjoys a skinny fit, especially during pregnancy. These jeans from H&M’s MAMA line are the perfect maternity mom jeans — as well as our top pick for the best straight-cut pair. They are the best pregnancy pants if you want a roomier fit with space to grow. 

For space to move, they hit above the ankle and a high waist with an over-the-belly band made from soft Jersey cotton that supports your belly. 

There’s only one option for color wash, but they are machine washable. Mock pockets in the front add detail but not bulk while the real pockets are at the back. H&M’s maternity sizes range from XS to XXL, so they’ll fit just about any shape. Definitely check these out if you want a looser fit in your jeans.

Best for comfort

Pros & Cons
  • Grow-with-you side wedge panel

  • Good for tucking shirts in

  • Made from stretchy, soft cotton blend denim

  • Under-bump design may not suit all

  • Higher price point

As mentioned previously, Hatch knows maternity clothes. it’s why they’ve made another appearance on our list. The Crop is the best maternity jeans if comfort is your number one priority. 

This pair also comes with their signature side panel that expands easily with your growing bump. They also have a true waistband and are tapered to the knee with a cropped mini flair.

These are made from a soft cotton blend denim, making them super comfy with just enough stretch to fit you from your pre-pregnancy size to full-blown preggers and back again. They come in three washes with a raw hem on the white and indigo washes. 

Best slimming maternity jeans

Pros & Cons
  • C-section friendly

  • Moisture-wicking, supportive over-the-bump panel

  • Slimming look

  • Higher price point

  • Doesn’t have a real fly zipper

Just because you’re growing a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up on slim cuts. This pair by Hatch is our top choice for the best slimming and skinny maternity jeans. 

They are made from a recycled cotton blend denim that has the right amount of stretch and the skinny fit will make every body shape look a little slimmer. They also have real pockets and a realistic-looking fly.

These pregnancy jeans come in one wash, with an over-the-bump panel made from the same moisture-wicking blend as their best-selling “Before, During, and After” leggings. 

The panel fully supports your baby bump for your entire pregnancy. These skinny maternity jeans are also C-section friendly— they don’t rub and provide just enough compression. 

Pros & Cons
  • Bump panel made from “Before, During and After” leggings fabric

  • C-section friendly

  • Only one denim wash available

It’s no wonder mamas-to-be fall in love with Hatch’s over-the-bump pants like this pair of straight leg jeans. 

It has a belly panel made from a bamboo-spandex blend that pulls sweat to the outer layer of fabric and then dries quickly. This will keep you cool and help your growing body better regulate temperature. They also don’t rub, making them an excellent option for C-section mamas.

These straight-leg maternity jeans come in one wash, but you get the comfort of a boyfriend cut with tailored legs. Wear them with sneakers or heels, and you can slay either way. You’ll definitely want this pair on your list when you shop for maternity clothing.

What to know before buying pregnancy jeans

If you’re a first-time mom, you’ll likely have many questions, one of which is, “How do I find the perfect pair of maternity jeans?” Here, we answer some commonly asked questions.

What types of jeans are there?

There are three types of maternity jeans that are commonly available— jeans with an underbelly waistband, side-stretch panels and over-the-belly waistbands. 

  • Under-the-bump jeans: This style provides firm support but may not be suitable for moms who don’t like a lot of pressure on the belly.

  • Side-stretch jeans: These look the closest to regular jeans and tend to sit lower on the hip.

  • Over-the-belly jeans: These are good for moms who want more support and prefer jeans that sit higher at the back.

When should I start shopping for maternity jeans?

This is going to be different for every person. Some moms start showing a bump earlier. Others can wear regular jeans until well into their pregnancy. 

The exact time you start wearing maternity jeans is going to differ but a general rule of thumb is to start looking when your regular jeans start getting too tight.

Which materials are best for maternity jeans?

Like with other maternity clothes, you’ll want jeans with stretch that are durable. Cotton blends are typically good. Many jeans come with jersey belly bands which are great for growing with you as well as providing support. 

Also, you’ll want jeans that are machine washable. When pregnant, the last thing you want is to have to handwash or dry clean your jeans.

Which maternity jeans get our vote?

Finding the best maternity jeans ultimately comes down to what is most comfortable for you. No two bodies are alike, and that definitely goes for pregnant bodies. Our list has a range of options for all tastes. Still, if we had to pick the best pregnancy jeans, we’d go with these two:

  • Hatch The Slim Maternity Jean: Of course, Hatch would be one of our top picks. We love the side panel that allows for a growing bump while still looking like regular jeans. You can tuck in your shirt and still get full bump support.

  • H&M MAMA Straight Ankle Jeans: This straight-leg pair of jeans has a price tag that won’t make you faint and offers a roomier fit for more comfort. We also like the wide jersey cotton panel that keeps any bump snug.

There you have it! These are the best maternity jeans that give you the most comfort — while looking stylish at the same time. Shop here and find the perfect pair that will take you from your first trimester to post-pregnancy. 

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