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Make playtime purr-fect with the very best cat toys

A big part of owning a cat is playtime — that is if you don’t want your feline friend to take out their boredom on your furniture.

Published Apr 02, 2024
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cat toys on colorful background

While cats enjoy sleeping for the majority of the day, they need mental and physical stimulation during their waking hours. 

There are a lot of options for cat toys these days, from feathers on string to high-tech electrical mice and  mind-boggling puzzles. It can be hard to work out which your cat will like until you’ve bought it (and let’s face it, they will let you know if they don’t!). 

So if you’re looking for the best cat toys on the market today, look no further than this comprehensive list, with options for even the fussiest cats. 

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Paw-some cat toys

cat toy multipack
Best overall
37 PCS Cat Toys Interactive Kitten Toys for Indoor Kitty
$13.99 at Amazon
cat lazer toy
Best lazer toy
Cowjag Cat Toys
$4.99 at Amazon
catit fish toy
Best catnip toy
Catit Groovy Fish Plush Cat Toy with Catnip
$12.40 at Amazon
3 hide and treat cat toys
Best for treats
Catstages Mousin' Around Hide 'N Treat Dispenser Cat Toy
$10.99 at Chewy

If you’ve got a new cat or kitten, we think it’s best to opt for one of these variety packs of toys to get you started. It’s the easiest (and most affordable) way of learning quickly which kinds of toys get your kitty in that playful mood. 

With an array of fun toys such as shiny balls, plastic springs, teaser wands, tunnels and more, this is a great option for any cat lover looking to quickly expand their cat toy collection — and it even comes with a handy storage bag for easy storing. 

All the toys are made from tear-proof, non-toxic materials that are safe for your kitty to chew and gnaw at to their heart’s content.

Best lazer toy

cat lazer toy
Photo: Amazon

Cowjag Cat Toys

You save $2 (28.61%)

We’ve all seen videos of cats chasing lasers — they bring both hilarity and joy to every household, so having one in your toy basket is an absolute must.

This one from Amazon is a great option — with three light modes (red, white and UV), this is ideal not just for your cat, but also for other household needs. The red mode has a simple laser point option, as well as some fun modes like a star, smiley face and mouse, making chase time even more fun. 

Even better, it’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about tiny batteries or complicated ways of powering it. Simply plug it into your phone or USB outlet and you’ve got hours of fun on your hands!

If there’s one thing cats love to do, it’s hunt. 

And for better or worse (we’ve had our fair few birds and rodents gifted to us!), it’s an instinct. So if you’re looking for your cat to let out their hunting instincts in a less destructive way, we suggest one of these electric fish. 

This toy fish flops around like a real fish whenever your cat touches it, allowing your cat to hunt and pounce as much as they need, fulfilling their need to hunt — and giving you a less gruesome cleanup after they’re done. 

It comes with a catnip pouch so your cats are sure to be immediately enthralled by this toy. It’s also rechargeable, making it ultra-convenient.

Want your cat to work for their treats?

Simply fill these mice with your kitty's favorite treats and hide them around the house to encourage healthy foraging. The treats will fall out once the mice have been hit, batted and swatted around — which mimics how they would react with mice on the outside. 

We think using these is a great way to encourage their natural hunting instincts and reward them for it, while also teaching them that they need to work for their treats. 

Best for senior cats

Life as a senior cat is full of long naps, cuddles and more long naps, so a plush calming toy is a great way to chill them out even more. 

It comes equipped with a soft purring noise which can relax them if they’re prone to separation anxiety or stress. 

The only thing we think you’ll have trouble with is not keeping it for yourself!

Replicating the motion of a butterfly, this interactive toy is perfect for kittens who are growing to become more playful and more independent. 

This toy moves in unpredictable directions, making it more engaging for your cat to play with for hours on end, using their natural hunting instincts. 

And running on only one AAA battery, this toy is uber-easy to keep powered for months, and your kitten can play completely independently.

Best for chasing

Why sit and watch a movie when you can watch your cat chase this around all day?

This mouse is the perfect toy for your cats if you want to keep them engaged throughout the day while allowing you to be a bit hands-off. 

This cute little mouse senses upcoming objects and automatically changes direction to avoid impact with obstacles, and if it takes a quick tumble, it can auto-reset so you won't ever have to intervene. 

Our favorite feature? The toy enters hibernation mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and then reactivates after 30 minutes. It’ll keep your cat consistently entertained and on the go.

A teaser toy is in every cat owner's arsenal. 

They’re affordable and compact and are a great way to get some one-on-one playtime with your kitty. This one from Go Cat has a little mouse on the end, and with an almost invisible string, your cat will be completely enthralled in their case. 

Perfect for ensuring your cat stays active, this wand toy is an absolute must-have for every cat lover.

Best puzzle toy

trixie brain mover activity puzzle for cats
Photo: Chewy

Like us, your cat needs to have their brain stimulated — and with this rewarding puzzle, they’ll benefit from working their mind and getting a little treat at the end! 

Simply hide the treats inside the puzzle for your cat to work to get them out. With four different interactive modules, their patience, concentration and intelligence will be tried and tested. 

We think this puzzle is also a bit of a treat for humans as well — you’ll understand once you’ve seen your adorable kitty try to figure this out!

Best cat toy subscription

cat sitting next to meowbox
Photo: meowbox

Want an ever-increasing collection of toys? 

If you simply can’t have enough, or if your cat tends to get bored and quit playing with their toys after a few weeks, a toy subscription might be the right choice for you. 

Not only do we think your cat will love the actual box itself, but meowbox curates their monthly or bi-monthly subscription boxes with cute themes. They also include products from small businesses nationwide. 

Together with new toys, you’ll also receive a selection of tasty (and healthy) treats for your kitty to make playtime more rewarding.

Our verdict: What are the best cat toys?

If you’ve got a new cat, we definitely think the multipack from Amazon are some of the best cat toys you can buy — you get a wide range, allowing your kitty to choose what they like the most. And at such an affordable price, it’s worth adding to your basket. 

For cats who need some independent play, we love the Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy — it will run by itself, allowing your cat to embrace their inner hunter. With cool features like the ability to detect if it’s stuck or avoid walls, we think it’s a complete no-brainer. 

Can’t decide? Want your cat to feel every bit as pampered as they deserve? If so, our top pick for you would be the meowbox subscription. With USA-made toys and treats front and center, we think this is the ideal option for someone who spares no expense when it comes to their precious kitty. 

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