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Make wedding planning a piece of cake with VistaPrint

With VistaPrint, you can simplify your wedding planning and prioritize things that truly matter.

Published Feb 12, 2024
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We love attending weddings but planning your own can be incredibly stressful. 

From finding your dream venue to the right vendors to the dress, it can quickly become overwhelming and expensive

So, for the smaller things like save the dates, invitations, and even place cards for the wedding dinner, an approach customized to your preferences is a great way to make your life that much easier. 

That’s how VistaPrint, a custom printing service, can ease your wedding planning. With thousands of options available for every kind of couple and wedding, why not let VistaPrint give you a helping hand?

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Browse personalized wedding ideas and more

three examples of save the dates from VistaPrint
Save the Dates
three examples of custom wedding invitations from VistaPrint
Wedding invitations
custom envelope and matching envelope seals from VistaPrint
Envelopes & envelope seals
Shop custom envelopes
three examples of custom wedding programs from VistaPrint
Wedding programs

Before the wedding

You’ve set the date — so now you need to let your guests know to keep that special date free just for you.

Customize your ‘Save the Date’ cards to perfectly match you as a couple and complement your wedding theme. From simplistic photo cards with you front and center, or artistic floral designs, there are hundreds for you to choose from. 

Even better, you can customize the embossed foil, by making it silver, gold, glitter or plain, so there’s sure to be one for every kind of couple. 

Can’t find your dream design? You can either create your own or let the VistaPrint team design one special for you down to every last detail.

You can have the wedding invitations you’ve always dreamed of with one of VistaPrint’s customizable designs. 

Personalize everything from the wording to the embossed foil, add on some designs like this gorgeous floral design, you can choose the color of the card and the edge type. 

Still can’t decide what works best for you? Grab one of VistaPrint’s handy free wedding sample kit to discover your preferences. 

Pro tip: Order enough invitations to keep a few for yourself to frame as keepsakes for your wedding album.

It’s the little things that show you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your wedding details. And with these customized envelopes and seals, you’ll show your guests you’ve gone the extra mile

You’ll find designs to match your chosen save-the-date or invitation, creating a cohesive theme throughout all your wedding stationery — and it’ll make the experience of receiving their invitations feel far more luxurious (and all for such an affordable price!). 

For the big day

Personalize every detail, from the design to the ceremony order, to including a meaningful quote about you as a couple with VistaPrint’s custom wedding programs. 

Choose from elegant designs and premium paper for a keepsake your guests will keep forever, and with easy customization, you can match it to the rest of the wedding.

When it comes to the wedding dinner, you’ll want a straightforward, easy-to-understand seating chart — there’s nothing worse as a guest than trying to make sense of an overly elaborate seating chart!

Customize one that complements the rest of your wedding decor, and you can even add a floor-standing easel, tabletop easel, or command strips to your basket to make your life that little bit easier. 

Other than seeing loved friends and family tie the knot, the best part of a wedding is the reception — and for many, that means hitting the bar. 

And we think it’s best to make it clear to your guests what’s on offer, whether you’ve sprung for an open bar, an alcohol-free bar, or even concocted a few signature cocktails. And with a custom bar sign from VistaPrint, it has never been easier (or looked so cute!). 

You can choose either a clear bar sign or opt for a frosted one in your chosen design (we recommend matching it to your place cards, seating chart and menu). 

After the wedding

Getting your thank you cards sent out should be one of your priorities after the dust settles in the weeks following the big day. 

It’s important to show your guests that you appreciate the efforts they made to support you on your wedding day, and what better way to do it than with a custom card from VistaPrint? 

Customize with a beautiful photo of you and your partner or a big group shot, and it’s another keepsake to add to your wedding memories scrapbook!

four examples of custom mugs from VistaPrint
Photo: VistaPrint

If you’re looking for a wedding favor your guests won’t discard the moment they leave the wedding, why not opt for a custom mug? You can never have enough mugs!

A custom wedding mug will act as an everlasting token of the special day you all shared, and while it might not be the most affordable wedding favor, it’s one everyone can enjoy (even if it becomes a desk pencil pot!). 

You can also choose accent colors to match the inside of the mug if you want to make this fun gift even better.

Your wedding day is likely the most important day of your life, so memorializing it in the form of a photo book is a good idea.

Choose between a linen or photo cover, and it’s super easy to make and customize your photo book to your exact preferences. Make it fun inside with clip art, text and masks, or stick to a traditional approach — it’s completely up to you!

While these are typically more of a gift that the couple buys for themselves, we think these will make a fantastic gift for the parents and those who want a permanent reminder of the special day. 

Should VistaPrint be a go-to brand for weddings?


When it comes to personalized wedding decor and stationery, VistaPrint is a standout for its affordability.

You can create a cohesive, thoughtful aesthetic for everything from your save-the-dates to thank-you cards (and everything in-between). 

And it’s not only weddings they cater for! For any personal, business and promotional custom products you need, VistaPrint is the one to choose!

What's even better? You can even get an impressive 20% off your total cart with the code COUPONS20 from 02/11-02/17!

So, what are you waiting for? Curate your dream wedding aesthetic now!

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