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Odinga Fanuel

Odinga Fanuel

Guest Contributor

With over nine years working within media, Odinga Fanuel is passionate about sharing information and delivering human-centric posts for everyday readers. He has written pieces for U.S News,, eBay and more. For Smart Shopper, Odinga specializes in writing about tech products, household appliances, travel, automotive and more.

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Four disposable cameras pictured in a collage
Capture vacation memories with the best disposable cameras for travel
By Odinga FanuelMay 03, 2024
Looking for a fun, kitschy way to snap pics on your next getaway? Shop our selection of must-have disposable cameras that the whole family will love.
backpacks from northface and patagonia
The best waterproof backpacks for keeping your items safe and dry
By Odinga FanuelNov 16, 2023
Owning a top-quality waterproof backpack will ensure you can protect your belongings from the elements. Shop our favorite models here.
three sets of colored earbuds with charging cases
The best cheap wireless earbuds to buy for a quality audio experience
By Odinga FanuelNov 16, 2023
Wireless earbuds offer convenience and a great listening experience. To shop a top-tier pair at a low price, check out our editor recommendations.
three beach towels from Zara, H&M and Macy's
The best beach towels for days spent seaside
By Odinga FanuelNov 16, 2023
A beach towel is an essential summer accessory to take to the sea or use poolside. Explore our top picks to find the best towel for you.
Image of Burt's Bees, Hatch, Weleda, Pipette and Motherlove belly oil
Discover the best belly oils for pregnancy to reduce stretch marks
By Odinga FanuelOct 05, 2023
Pregnancy comes with a host of skin changes such as stretch marks and dryness, but there are belly oils you can use to protect your skin. You just need to find the best one!
image of 3 watering cans in green, brass and black
The best watering cans for maintaining healthy plants
By Odinga FanuelAug 25, 2023
A watering can is a must-have for hassle-free plant maintenance. Explore our top picks, and you might just find a watering can that suits your everyday needs.
Set of four outdoor dining chairs and table against a yellow background
Discover the best outdoor furniture for quality, function & style
By Odinga FanuelAug 20, 2023
With the right garden furniture, you can revamp your outdoor space. To turn your yard or patio into a tranquil, enjoyable area, shop our editor picks.
three desk lamps in various styles
The best desk lamps for working, reading & upping your productivity
By Odinga FanuelAug 15, 2023
Need a new desk lamp for your office? Discover the best models that will improve your workday, making it easier to read, write and complete tasks.
printers from canon and hp
The best cheap printers for everyday home or office tasks
By Odinga FanuelAug 09, 2023
A printer is essential to any desk — whether at work, home or school. Having one within reach makes it easy to get hard copies whenever you need them.
three of the best robes for women including white, grey and black options
Treat yourself to one of the best women’s robes to shop now
By Odinga FanuelAug 01, 2023
Bathrobes are a must-have in your wardrobe for everyday warmth, bathroom use or poolside moments. Shop from our list and get ready to snuggle up.
Hero image of office desks
The best home office desks for a seamless work experience
By Odinga FanuelAug 01, 2023
Working from home needs to be comfortable and practical just like a typical office and picking the right home office desk is a great place to start.
four bottles of various hyaluronic acid serums
The best hyaluronic acid serum for everyday skincare
By Odinga FanuelJul 31, 2023
A hyaluronic acid serum is a must-have solution for every skincare regimen. Find the best picks for oily, dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin.
three car phone mounts on red and beige background
The 5 best car phone holders for a hands-free experience
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
It’s never a good idea to operate your phone while driving. Instead, you can get a car phone holder for hands-free phone use. Here are our top picks.
a wheel and three of the best steering wheels locks
The best steering wheel locks for car safety
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Over 700 thousand cars are stolen every year in the US; you don’t need to wait to be a victim. Get a steering wheel lock to protect your car from theft.
three of the best beard trimmers for men including Gillette
Shop the best men’s beard trimmers for all types of facial hair
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
A beard trimmer is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet for an artfully shaped and styled beard whenever you’re heading out. Here are our top picks
laptops from microsoft, asus and more
Get a great deal by shopping the best budget laptops of 2023
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
A good laptop for work or gaming doesn’t need to be costly. There are great options within your budget if you know where to look.
travel hair dryers from revlon, babyliss and more
The best travel hair dryers to pack in your suitcase
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Protect your hair while traveling with a portable hair dryer. Here are our top picks to help you find a compact, yet powerful travel hair dryer.
three alarm clocks from Sharp, Ikea and Philips
Shop the best alarm clocks to improve your morning routine
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
The best way to start your day is to wake up early, and a good alarm clock makes this easy, every day without fail.
three steam irons
The best steam irons for crisp, fresh clothing in minutes
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
A steam iron is a must-have in your laundry arsenal. We share our top picks for the best steam irons for smoothing your wrinkly clothes.
five pairs of sleep earplugs on blue background
Discover the best earplugs for sleeping soundly every night
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Noisy environments or a snoring partner shouldn’t deny you a good night’s sleep. Discover the best earplugs for sleeping and thank us later.
three Sony tvs on a yellow background
The best Sony TVs of 2023: Shop 4K, OLED models & more
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Sony is a standout brand when it comes to its range of top-performing televisions. Here, we review the tech brand’s best models. 
three of the best microwaves including retro, black and silver choices
The best budget microwaves for warm, delicious meals
By Odinga FanuelJul 25, 2023
Microwaves are essential kitchen appliances, but you don’t need to spend heavily on one. Here are the best low-cost models you can rely on.