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Eric Liston

Eric Liston

Guest Contributor

Eric Liston has been writing and blogging for more than eight years, and has covered a variety of different subjects. Today, he focuses on digital technology, consumer products, and online streaming. A 2014 graduate of Miami University with a degree in Creative Writing, Eric has also always had an interest in computers and technology, culminating in an IT and technical writing internship at a Cincinnati-based digital agency in 2015. When he’s not typing away at home, you’ll find Eric playing video games, cooking up a storm in his kitchen or at one of Columbus, Ohio’s many disc golf courses.

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a dash cam, jump starter, portable coffee maker, car seat covers, and license and registration wallet
The 15 best car accessories for daily driving, road trips and more
By Eric ListonJul 15, 2024
From car chargers to phone holders and trash cans, there are lots of cool things for cars that can help any vehicle feel like a luxury car.
three slow cookers on green background
The 6 best slow cookers for convenient hands-off cooking
By Eric ListonJul 08, 2024
Don’t have time to cook? Slow cookers are the answer. With one of the best slow cookers, you can cook on autopilot, and prepare days of meals in mere minutes.
blue packing cubes, an open suitcase and a white steamer on a yellow background
How to pack a suitcase like a pro: 7 top tips
By Eric ListonMay 21, 2024
Heading out on a long trip? Fitting your stuff into your suitcase can be a challenge, so stay organized with these helpful packing tips. 
smart pressure cooker, instant pot, and traditional stovetop pressure cooker
Shop the best pressure cookers for fast, convenient cooking
By Eric ListonNov 28, 2023
Investing in a pressure cooker will allow you to whip up dishes in a flash with minimal prep. Here, our editors review the best models worth buying.
Image of two types of bedding set in different settings
Need new bedding? These are the 7 best sets to shop now
By Eric ListonOct 26, 2023
The best bedding blends both style and comfort. Check out our picks to see how you can upgrade your home, and get a good night of sleep, too!
Image of 3 hardside luggage
The best hardside luggage: 7 sturdy bags that won’t let you down
By Eric ListonOct 24, 2023
Investing in reliable hard luggage will ensure your belongings are kept safe. See our picks for the best hardside luggage now.
Black flannel sheet in bedroom setting
7 best flannel sheets for a warm, cozy and comfy night’s sleep
By Eric ListonOct 18, 2023
The best flannel sheets are an essential bedding item for keeping cozy during colder months. Here, we have a selection of soft, snuggly options.
three washing machines from Maytag, Samsung and LG
The 5 best washing machines that help simplify your laundry day
By Eric ListonOct 04, 2023
The best washing machines have smart designs, special features and can deep clean effectively. Replacing your machine? See our top recommendations.
Picture of kids playing LEGO
The 9 best LEGO sets for kids and adults of all ages
By Eric ListonSep 14, 2023
You’re never too young (or too old) for LEGO. Whether you’re shopping for your child or for yourself, check out our picks for the best LEGO sets now.
A collage of 3 pet vacuum cleaners against a yellow and orange background
Keep your home fur-free with the 7 best vacuums for pet hair
By Eric ListonSep 06, 2023
We all love our furry friends! And with one of the best pet hair vacuums, you can enjoy snuggling with your furry best friend with less mess. 
Image of three wagons
The 6 best wagons for kids of all ages
By Eric ListonSep 04, 2023
With the right children’s wagon, family outings will be a breeze. Read on to find the best wagons for kids of all ages including babies, toddlers and bigger kids.
image of four hair straightener including Dyson and GHD
The 6 best hair straighteners for every type of hair
By Eric ListonAug 28, 2023
What is the best hair straightener? The answer is different for everyone and depends on your hair type. Shop here for our editor picks.
three portable air conditioners on a colored background
The 5 best portable air conditioners to beat the heat at home
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Is it too hot in your home? Investing in a portable air conditioner is the best way to keep your cool. Let’s get into our top recommendations.
three portable monitors from AOC, Asus and Acer
The 9 best portable monitors for laptops to boost productivity
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Leaving your home office? By shopping one of the best portable monitors for laptops, you can still work with an extra screen while on the go.
Image of three of seven vacuum car vacuums including Hart tank vacuum, Shark wand and Black+Decker handheld vacuum
The 6 best car vacuum cleaners for at-home and on-the-go cleaning
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
The best car vacuum cleaners pack plenty of power into a compact package and make cleaning your vehicle a breeze. Check out our top picks now.
three piece luggage set with starred background
Which affordable luggage is the best? We compare 6 top options
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Whether you’re flying, taking a train, or road-tripping, choosing the right affordable luggage helps you reach your destination hassle-free.
one of the best car seats for babies from KeyFit 35
Shop the 6 best car seats for your growing family
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Whether you’re running to the store or you’re on a cross-country road trip, the best car seats for kids keep them safe and comfortable on the road.
three of the best night lights including Hatch, Philips and Pillowfort
The 7 best night lights for kids, adults & everyone in between
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Today’s night lights do more than just help you get around in the dark. The best night lights can help your whole family get more restful sleep, too!
three of the best cordless lawn mowers
The 5 best cordless lawn mowers for keeping your lawn tidy
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Yard work can be a big job, but with the right cordless lawn mower, you can speed up the process and keep your garden looking great.
Car cleaning products hero image
The best car cleaning products to keep your vehicle bright & shiny
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
When it comes to keeping your ride spic and span, investing in the right car cleaning products can go a long way. See our top picks in this guide.
three of the best headphones for running including beats by Dr. Dre, Jabra, Sony
Need to upgrade your running headphones? These 7 pairs are the best
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Ready to jam? The best running headphones resist sweat, dust, and tough weather conditions and provide great audio, too. See our top picks now.
a black and silver HP laptop
The 7 best HP laptops for remote work, school, gaming and more
By Eric ListonJul 25, 2023
Finding the right HP laptop is important for a smooth computing experience, but your options can seem overwhelming. Check out our top picks here.