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Unlock your family history with Ancestry's® holiday sale

With's winter sale, there’s never been a better time to unearth your family history.

Published Nov 01, 2023
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Do you want to unveil your family secrets?

If so,® might just be the best option for you.® offers both DNA kits and access to their huge catalog of birth, death and marriage records — meaning you can trace your family back hundreds of years to discover your roots. 

Intrigued? Read on to find out more about their holiday sale. 

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Shop Ancestry's® holiday sale now

Reveal your origins with AncestryDNA®

With an AncestryDNA kit, you’ll join the millions of people worldwide who have uncovered their family's roots, found distant relatives and more. 

So, if you’re curious, why not take advantage of their Holiday sale?® is currently offering 40% off their DNA test kit — making it the perfect time to snatch one up. We also think one of these kits makes a great gift to give to friends and family in time for the holiday season — the gift of history is priceless!

How does it work?

They utilize the latest autosomal testing technology, and combine it with their patented technology and databases to give you accurate, insightful information regarding your family. Using a combination of science and history, they can match you to people currently in the database, and trace your roots back hundreds of years. 

Build your own family tree and use the information from over 100 million others to gain insight into your genealogy. 

If you think it sounds like an arduous ordeal, you couldn’t be more wrong — it’s a simple and quick process. Once your kit arrives, activate it following the simple instructions included. Return your saliva in the prepaid package to their lab, and in roughly six to eight weeks, your results will be ready to view online.

We don’t think it gets easier than that!

graphic showing ethnicity breakdown
Photo: Ancestry®

What your AncestryDNA® kit will include:

  • Ethnicity estimate: Not only will this present you with a pie chart of your ethnic origins down to the country, but it may also be able to pinpoint a specific region or town. There are currently over 2,600 regions in their database, giving you a good shot at locating your family history. 

  • Historical timeline: Depending on your region, you might receive a historical timeline of changes, including how and why your ancestors moved from place to place. 

  • DNA matches: View your DNA matches on both your maternal and paternal sides, which you can easily sort through to make the process easier. 

Will your data be safe?

Yes, when you send your DNA to Ancestry®, they will keep your data safe and secure. 

You own your DNA test results and you can choose what happens to your data and DNA sample. If you decide you no longer want the company to store your DNA sample and data, you can simply request that Ancestry® destroy your DNA sample by contacting their Member Services.

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Photo: Ancestry®

How about an Ancestry® Family History membership?

DNA kits aren’t the only service Ancestry® offers — with a membership, you can browse records from all over the world easily, and from the comfort of your own home. Building your family tree has never been easier. 

In their Holiday sale, Ancestry® is offering some hot discounts on all their six-month Family History memberships — and you should snap them up quickly. 

Ancestry® has three membership tiers: 

  • U.S. Discovery, which has a 20% discount

  • World Explorer, which has a 30% discount

  • All Access, which has a 30% discount family tree graphic
Photo: Ancestry®

What membership should you get? 

It’s important to research what membership would fit you best, but to make it easier, we’ve laid it on the table for you. 

The U.S. Discovery membership includes: access to all U.S. records on Ancestry® (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), special collections (focused on African American, Native American and Jewish history), building your family tree, photo scanning and more!

If you know your family has been based in the US for hundreds of years, and you just want a quick snapshot of the past, this would be a great, affordable option for you. 

The World Explorer membership includes everything within the U.S. Discovery membership, plus access to all international records on Ancestry®.

We recommend this membership option if you have ancestors all over the world and want to build a large family tree — this membership is for true heritage searchers.

The All Access membership includes everything within the U.S. Discovery and World Explorer memberships, a Fold3 subscription (additional military records from WWI, WWII, and even the U.S. Civil War), a subscription (where you can search news stories for obituaries, headline news, social news and events and more), and a Family Plan membership (invite up to four family members to join you on the same plan).

We recommend this plan if you’re a true heritage devotee or want a larger snapshot of day-to-day life of your ancestors. 

Collage showing people using Ancestry® with their families
Photo: Ancestry®

Why an Ancestry® membership is a great gift

We think these memberships make a thoughtful gift for a number of reasons. 

An® subscription is the gift that keeps giving — uncovering the past and finding out what led you to where you are now is a deeply enriching experience that you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re a history buff, we can’t think of a better gift. 

If you’re in a position where you or a friend don’t know much about your biological family, Ancestry® is the best possible chance at discovering your origins, and can even help facilitate new relationships with family members previously unknown. This is easier than ever through the use of DNA matches and shared family trees. 

Ancestry's® databases are constantly updated, so there will always be something new to discover about your past — and with the ability to collaborate and upload family photos, documents and stories, we think it’s a great way to preserve your family’s story for future generations. 

Become an Ancestry® member today

With the world’s largest online collection of birth, death and marriage records, and the opportunity to look closer at your DNA and ethnicity, subscribing to Ancestry® is a no-brainer if you’re looking to delve into your heritage. With such impressive discounts, there’s never been a better time to sign up. 

It's 40% off AncestryDNA® kits and up to 30% off six-month Family History memberships, so don't miss out on this deal — it won’t be here for long!

Subscribe today, and learn everything about your family history.

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