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What the Smart Shopper editors bought in May

We do a lot of shopping here and we love testing and giving roundups on the best products to get more bang for your buck.

Published Jun 04, 2024
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adidas gazelle, lipstick, dog supplements and knit trousers on colourful background

At Smart Shopper, it’s no surprise that we love shopping. 

Whether we’re buying beauty staples we can’t live without, or wanting to test some fun new fashion items, we’re always on the hunt for the best deals and products to try. 

All the items in our May roundup are products we’ve spent our money on and love, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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B IDOL Tsuyapuru Lipstick
B IDOL Tsuyapuru Lipstick
$38.24 at everymarket
Editor Afina wearing the clay pack
BCL Tsururi Ghassoul Facial Pack
model wearing uniqlo trousers in gray
Uniqlo Washable Knit Ribbed Pants
$29.90 at UNIQLO
aveeno moisturizer
Aveeno Moisturising Cream
$11.65 at Amazon

Afina Najib, Editor

Editor, Afina, invested in some beauty products.

We tested it
B IDOL Tsuyapuru Lipstick
Photo: Afina Najib

A friend of mine bought this lipstick after learning about it from TikTok and raved about how good it is. I tried it on the first time before I went to bed and the minute I put it on, I could feel how soft it felt on my lips.

Not just that, I woke up the next morning and my lips were the smoothest they’ve ever been. I decided to buy one for myself and it’s now my holy-grail product. I love that there’s a menthol finish to the formula and it’s volumizing as much as it is moisturizing.

I bought mine in pink and I plan to get more shades as I go. I adore that the color is not overpowering and comes off looking natural. If you’re struggling with chapped lips, I highly recommend getting this lipstick from B IDOL.

I came across this product by accident and decided to give it a try since I’ve always had issues with the pores on my nose. I tend to use this just before I apply my makeup. I clean my face, pat it dry and place the formula around my nose area before leaving it to dry for about 15 minutes.

Once dry, I wash it and wait another 15 to 20 minutes before starting on my makeup. I find that it helps to smooth out my nose area and it makes makeup application a lot easier.

The only thing to note is the clay has a strong pigment so washing it off normally can stain your sink. Instead, I recommend removing it with a wet towel. That way, you can focus more on hard-to-reach areas.

Lauren Pascal, Junior Editor

Junior editor, Lauren, indulged in fashion and skincare this month.

A friend recommended these gray ribbed pants and (without sounding dramatic), it’s my favorite purchase of the year. 

Since I practically live in loungewear, I fell in love with these knit pants as soon I put them on. They're soft to the touch, have a wide elastic waistband that allows for more space around the waist and most importantly, they create a flattering straight silhouette.

As they're more casual, I generally wear them when lounging around the house or running errands outside.

BRB! About to order every color now…

We tested it
aveeno moisturizer
Photo: Lauren Pascal

This has been my holy grail face cream for OVER 12 YEARS!

Naturally, I had to order another cream tube when it was nearly out.

Incredibly moisturizing and gentle, this formula is made with naturally active colloidal oatmeal that soothes and instantly hydrates my dry skin. 

I’m also prone to experiencing small patches of eczema on my face; this is the only cream I can use without causing irritation or increased sensitivity on my skin.

Phoebe Davenport, Junior Editor

Junior editor, Phoebe, snapped up some sneakers and scents.

After seeing seemingly everyone I know wear adidas Gazelles over the last year, I finally decided to cave and buy my own. 

But as a certified platform-shoe lover, the Gazelle Bolds were my favorites. I opted for the red and blue version of the classic sneakers for a fresh, fun look — but there are a lot of cool colorways for people to enjoy. 

They’re the ideal everyday shoe — I recently wore them on a vacation where we did a lot of walking, and they were my best friend throughout the trip, keeping my feet comfortable all day long.  Perfect with jeans and a hoodie for a casual day out, or with a cute skirt for brunch, they’re even great for the office.

I’m always on the hunt for a new fragrance, so when Charlotte Tilbury announced their new fragrance range, I knew I needed to try it — and what better way to do it than a discovery set? 

In this set, you get to try all six new CT fragrances, allowing you to choose your favorite. Fragrances are typically not cheap, and at $150 for the full-size bottle, these aren’t different. 

These fragrances are vegan, long-wearing and unisex, so we’re sure there’s at least one scent for everyone.

Sherelyn Goh, Editorial Team Lead

Editorial Team Lead, Sherelyn, treated herself and her dog.

We tested it
PetNC Natural Care Hip & Joint Soft Chews Joint Supplement for Dogs
Photo: Sherelyn Goh

I got this for my nine-year-old terrier-mix dog as a supplement because I noticed she wasn’t as sprightly as before. 

Reviews mentioned that it improves mobility and joint movement in older dogs and I saw a difference after a few days of giving her this.

She is more playful now and more eager on walks than before, so I credit these chewables for making her feel younger. I’ll keep giving her these!

We tested it
pore minimising fresh ampoule
Photo: Sherelyn Goh

SKIN1004 products are all the rage in Korea and I wanted to try them. I purchased this 30ml bottle to take traveling with me and paired it with another product, their Madagascar Centella Poremizing Fresh Ampoule. 

The toner is supposed to mildly exfoliate and moisturize skin especially if it tends to feel dry after cleansing. I pour some product into my palms and dab it all over my face and neck, followed by the Poremizing Fresh Ampoule.

My skin feels clean but not dry after cleansing with the toner, and the ampoule has helped reduce the appearance of my pores despite only using it for a short time. 

The bottles are a great size and fit into my toiletries bag. I used them for six days and still have plenty left for other trips.

Want to shop our May favorites?

From TikTok trending lipsticks to a staple moisturizer, and some fresh kicks and pawsome dog supplements, we think you’ll love our May favorites just as much as we did.

Shop them now and tune in next month for our June favorites!

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